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12 tips my corporate website should contain

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why don't I have a website yet when 51% of small and medium sized businesses have one?

This is not about who is the best looking, but about being there where your potential audience needs you. 20 years ago, having a website was an option. In 2021, it is as necessary as the air we breathe. And it doesn't matter if you are starting a new project, if you have a personal brand, if you have decided to take the leap to the online world or if you are looking to renew your business because your previous website became obsolete. Whatever your situation is, we know that designing a new website can be dizzying, but it is a potential bet for the present and the future of your business.

"It is not he who goes fastest who gets there first, but he who knows where he is going" - Seneca

what is a corporate website?

From a technical point of view, a website is a set of information uploaded to the network, about a brand or service, and with a specific structure and hierarchy. In other words, a corporate website is the presence of a brand or company on the Internet. It can be personalised, it is versatile and it fulfils a series of commercial and informative objectives adapted to the digital era.

The corporate website should contain all the necessary data that the potential public should know about you: who you are, what you do, what you sell, where you are and what your values and social networks are. It is your letter of introduction!

Why you should have a corporate website

are you thinking of having your first corporate website or renewing the design of an existing site?

Your website is going to become the main communication channel with your audience. It will be the space where the user discovers who you are and what your mission is. You just need to know some basic characteristics:

  • ATTRACT VISITORS. It encompasses your activities to attract visitors through different techniques and digital marketing media.
  • CONVERT. It allows you to convert those visitors or strangers into sales opportunities and customers, which leads to conversion.
  • SAVE ADVERTISING. Your website is the best showcase to display detailed information about your products and services.
  • EXPAND THE MARKET. so it allows you to offer the opportunity to reach more customers, regardless of whether you are a local business or sell consumer products online.
  • IMPROVES CUSTOMER SERVICE. The website serves as a channel of communication with customers. They won't even have to wait for you to send them information, brochures or take their messages, as contact forms allow them to send their questions or suggestions quickly and easily. The better your website is, the more people will turn into customers
  • MAXIMUM AVAILABILITY. Your website has no closing or opening hours, so it provides information 24 hours a day.
  • INCREASED COMPETITIVENESS. Being online shows a more accessible and visible image of your business, which broadens your customer base and encourages them to interact with or buy your products or services.

There are plenty of reasons to have a corporate website. The next step is to know the vital resources that cannot be missing in it.

12 things that must appear on your corporate website

Imagine you are going to create your own website or you have hired a professional development team to design it. Either way, it is a project that requires a long process of choosing a CMS, buying a domain and hosting, defining the strategy, choosing a template, writing content, configuring it, installing plugins and gathering information.

ready! But what are the vital resources that cannot be missing on your corporate website?

  • Home page - Welcome!

It is the page that welcomes you and the place where most of your traffic lands. For this reason, you should take care of it, show your best version and be very clear. Do not rush to sell your product or service and give the user options. Things we can think of for this first contact:

  • A different slogan.
  • A call to action to do a free trial of your service or request a demo of your product.
  • A clear and attractive title.
  • Testimonials from other customers.
  • A summary of the benefits of your company.
  • Logical and intelligent navigation.
  • An offer of content in exchange for the email address.

  • Services page

how are you going to solve the problems of your potential customers with your services? This is the moment to tell them in a clear way, without going too deep into technical or complex details. You can take advantage of the power of keywords to improve the SEO positioning of your website. The ideal is to create a page for each service that contains:

  • Attractive title showing the main benefit of the service.
  • Short video explaining how it works, you can use Motion Graphics.
  • Brief description of the service and call to action with a contact form.

  • About us page

Take advantage of the power of stories to add value. Tell the experience of the brand, include photos of the team and highlight the value of each member. You can help yourself with photographs, this will generate more trust in the user and will humanise the brand.

  • Contact page - keep it updated!

To do this, you can use contact forms, email addresses, telephone numbers, address map, social networks, etc.

  • Blog. Content marketing!

Don't write to sell, write to please. The blog is the star space reserved to communicate more about your sector, company, related topics and give dynamism to the page. You can cover topics that help your potential customers through a planned content strategy, answer questions from your customers and build customer loyalty or announce changes in the company. In any case, it is a powerful tool to attract potential customers and deliver valuable content to them.

  • Educational and commercial content - awareness is the beginning of the journey!

Make the most of your website by sharing content for each stage of the buyer's journey: discovery, consideration, decision and loyalty. You will help users with their problems and accompany them along their journey. Don't forget to track lead-to-customer conversions.

  • Loading speed

Users are increasingly demanding, they expect a page to load in less than 2 seconds, otherwise they are very likely to abandon it and look for your competitor's. That is why it is important to hire a hosting that is not on a shared server, take care of the size of the images, the use of plugins, optimise the cache, etc.

  • Call to action

Surely, your user is also easily distracted, so facilitate the way for them to register or take an action that brings them closer to being your potential customer. To increase the chances of conversion, it is advisable to offer a valuable offer, such as a guide or PDF, in exchange for their email address or other information in the form fields.

  • Customer support chat

Facilitate customer service and resolve customer queries in a matter of seconds via chat. It's a quick, easy and very satisfying way to contact you, instead of having to make calls and deal with agents. Be careful, there must be a person available whenever the chat option is activated, otherwise it could be counterproductive.

  • Contact form

They should contain the necessary fields, but don't overdo it - asking for too much information could cause user rejection.

  • Social buttons

Give the public the option to share your content on social networks. Not only will you improve their experience with your corporate website, but you will also increase the chances of going viral and increase your visibility.

  • responsive design

Nearly 70% of the time we spend online in Spain we do it from a mobile device. A Smartphone or Tablet is used every day to visit our favourite sites, so corporate websites must adapt to mobile screens and pay close attention to the user experience.

In addition to these elements, there are many other features that you should not overlook in your corporate website. For example:

  • On Page SEO or tools used to optimise the positioning of your website in search engine results. Even if it takes time to see results, you should never stop working on the SEO of your page.
  • Layout and colour do matter, and they matter a lot! They are information resources that must communicate the company's image and values.

They are not only the elements that cannot be missing in your corporate website, but without them your company could be losing money.

Create a close, attractive, mobile and innovative website with a team of high quality standards. Make the first impression captivate the user!

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