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ASO audit steps

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do you have an App and you don't know how to position it? Are you doing anything to increase its installations? ASO (App Store Optimization) is the acronym for the process of optimising an app or game in order to increase its visibility in the Apple App Store, Google Play Store or any other app shop. Now, how can I do an ASO audit? What are the steps?

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how to do an ASO audit for your app?

Imagine that you have just uploaded your new business application on the net. Do you think that everything is done? Do you think that users will find you easily? The answer is NO, you cannot forget about it. Having an App on the market is a constant work in which you need to encourage the generation of positive comments, update it, correct mistakes, include improvements, pay attention to negative comments to learn from them, etc. And, of course, work the ASO so that those who look for you, find you.

Learn the steps to work well on the ASO of your application and position it:

  1. We choose a tool to do the audit and select the application, for example: Apptweak.
  2. Then, we check the percentage of optimisation of the App and other data of interest: price, logo, report date, company that has published it, shop where it is found, rating and formats in which it can be exported.
  3. We can add it to our dashboard to monitor it.
  4. It is usual to add some competitors to check the differences, what is working well with them, etc. We check the overview.
  5. We check the overview: Name of the application (indications of what we can do in terms of Google policies, test our App name and much more); brief description with keywords (so that Google knows what our application consists of); density, analysis and summary of keywords used with respect to the competition; colours used; screenshots (the first two are usually the most relevant, they are of vital importance to convince the user to download the App); option to add a video, which will increase the confidence of potential users; details of the application (if it has many megabytes or not, the price, content, if it has in-Apps Payments or not, Content Rating, etc.); versions (updating the App to eliminate errors or introduce improvements, which influences the positioning).
    The visual elements, or visual assets (featured image, video, screenshots and icon) on an app's page have a direct impact on ASO and are vital in the conversion rate to installation. However, they vary depending on the shop, for example: Google Play allows up to 8 screenshots per compatible device, while the App Store allows up to 5.
  6. Analytics: We will be able to know how our App appears within the category, i.e. how we are ranking and how it has evolved over time. This type of data is also useful to know how we are positioning ourselves in relation to the competition. If you prefer, you can also fill in your Google Play console credentials to obtain more information or statistics.
  7. Keywords: This is a very powerful tool to check which words work best for the positioning of our application, as well as showing you some suggestions. You can create your own list of keywords. For example: imagine your application is about learning English for free. We enter the following terms in the word analysis search engine: learn English, spelling, free English, learn English for free, English verbs..
    We click on the analysis to show us the results (search volume, level of competition, number of results, efficiency of the keyword for the App, ranking and growth). However, it is usual to do the Keyword Research separately from the audit. We can also see which keywords generate downloads.

no installs, no ASO positioning!

Boost campaign, what does it consist of?

As we pointed out in the previous section, installs are the fuel for ASO positioning, so it is important to think about what we can do to increase user downloads.

In general, increasing the volume of installs (both organic and non-organic) allows you to improve your positions in search and in the Top Charts, improving your visibility. This improvement increases the volume of organic installs. This is an App marketing strategy that allows you to quickly increase the volume of installs and achieve greater visibility in the App shops, which is known as a boost campaign.

Without installs, your app is unlikely to improve its visibility in the App Store or Google Play, so it is very important to know in depth how an ASO audit works and why it is one of the most important pillars of any App Marketing strategy.

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