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how are Spanish companies using social networks?

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You probably already know this, but we want to remind you that Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter are some of the most important networks of the moment. Well, taking into account that the study Digital in 2018: World's Internet users pass the 4 bilion mark counted 2,167 million active users in a month on Facebook, more than 1,500 on YouTube, 800 on Instagram, 260 on LinkedIn, and more than 320 on Twitter, do you think your brand can go unnoticed in front of social networks?

We're sure it can't. That's why today we'd like to take a look at the main uses Spanish companies are making of these spaces.

Direct channels to connect

Connecting with customers is an objective of all companies, but a reality that is not projected in all of them. Social networks have become a fundamental way to achieve this, as they are direct channels in which they have found an opportunity to showcase their products and/or services and interact with their public. Can we say that Spanish companies are gaining competitive advantages thanks to social networks? The answer is yes.

Connecting with a target audience is no easy task, but these tools have opened up a world of possibilities, not just for us, but also for professionals who manage them in companies, such as HubSpot, which states that "the number of social media managers and marketing specialists using these sites has increased steadily, and today it is essential for a digital marketing strategy to include the use of social networks, as they have become a valuable resource for reaching an increasingly wide audience".

For the first time, we know the specific uses of social media by companies

As Hootsuite's latest Social Media Barometer 2018 shows:

  • 90% of corporations use them to improve their brand image.
  • 77% use them to manage their reputation.
  • 60% include them as an additional method of customer service.
  • 54% of our companies prefer to use them as a channel to create community.
  • And only 15% use them for internal communication.

As you can see, companies in our country use social networks for very diverse actions, but the question we now put to you is: What use are you making of them? Do you think you are not getting the most out of them?

These data not only reflect the behaviour of companies with regard to social networks, but also the ever-increasing growth of their professional use. For the moment, it seems to be an activity that is mainly carried out by departments specialising in marketing and communication. The reasons are due to the options they offer in this sense, as well as their awareness.

The role of social media is essential in your Inbound Marketing strategy.

As a company, what should you take into account?

In general, it seems that companies in Spain have embraced these tools with force, but many of them are still wondering how to get the most out of them and which social network can be the best for their business. That is why the first step you should take is to define a company profile and the audience you want to reach. The type of user that usually uses these platforms is very specific, so you have a golden opportunity to target them.

Don't forget these recommendations and start making the most of your social media profile.

have you identified with the most common uses of Spanish companies? Which one do you think you are using?

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