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Latest Instagram updates

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Instagram has been one of the leading social networks for years. It remains on the podium despite new competitors, changing customer tastes and any other adversity that comes its way. It achieves this, in part, thanks to its continuous renewal. The teams that manage the application are constantly devising updates, new features, creating functionalities... Anything to keep users on the social network.

Here are the three latest news from Instagram: New resources and tools for parents and teenagers, new age verification tools and new features for Reels.

New resources and tools for parents and teenagers:

Through Meta, it will be possible to access new parental control functions such as blocking apps, generating an alarm if the teenager tries to download an app marked as sensitive, etc. Part of these new functionalities, fall within Instagram's remit and are designed to provide support for parents, guardians and teenagers in all technologies.

  • Through the app, they will be able to send invitations to their children to activate the monitoring tools, which will enable them to activate and deactivate schedules, limiting the use of the Instagram app.
  • New automatic touches and reminders have been designed, such as the "Take a break" function, to make them aware that children have been diving into the app for too long.
  • This type of message will also be triggered if the user repeatedly searches for the same words in the Explore section, suggesting different topics. This type of message is not intended to make the teenager close the app, but to encourage them to experiment and explore different content. It is also intended to prevent topics that are linked to physical and appearance comparisons .
  • In the event that a minor reports an account, parents will be able to access the profile to learn about it, as well as obtain details about the type of report and the person reported.
  • These tools are already available in the US and will be available in the UK, Japan, Australia, Ireland, Canada, France and Germany. A global update is expected .

New ways to collaborate and create Reels

These include remix tools, through which Instagram hopes to improve the way content is shared and stories are told. Part of the mix involves collaborating with creators and friends.

These remixes are applied to photos, especially those that are most closely related to each other, for example, outstanding stories from the same day, or from the same place. If Instagram detects that you have uploaded individual photos in a short period of time, in photographic format and not Reel, it will automatically propose a Reel generated by the same application that joins all these photos, understanding that they are related. With this, the application aims to increase the use of Reel, as well as diversify the application's content and encourage the user to generate other types of different content.

It willalso be possible to remix photos of creators and followers whose content has been recommended, by adding one's own photo (or video) next toor after the original .

Instagram reels

In addition to the remixes, Instagram is launching new templates for almost automatic generation of Reels, so that creating these videos is not an arduous task that makes it inaccessible. All you need to do is upload audio and clips beforehand, and then add the photos or videos you want to use to make the reels.

The dual camera function allows you to record simultaneously with the front and rear cameras, so you can record what you are seeing and your own reaction to it, sharing both perspectives.

To continue the promotion of Reels, from now on, all videos under 15 minutes will be published as Reels, although this change will only affect videos published after the update.

New ways to verify age:

Instagrama verificación edad

In addition to blocking those under the age limit from using the app, the aim of this is to offer age-appropriate content. Currently, the minimum age set by Instagram is 13, although this figure may vary depending on the country.

If the account is detected as belonging to a teenager (between 13 and 17 years old), the account will be created as private by default, advertisers' options on these profiles are limited and unsolicited contacts from adults they do not know are prevented.

With regard to identity verification, you can and must verify your identity:

  • By presenting an identification document
  • By asking other people to confirm the age of the person who is verifying it
  • By uploading a selfie video that can be used to verify the person's identity.

To do this, Instagram has partnered with the company Yoti, which specialises in age verification using privacy-preserving methods. Although these requirements are current, since 2019 Instagram users have been asked to include their age in the registration form.

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