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thinking about designing an App? Consider these 7 things

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You're probably thinking about an app that's going to be a hit, but you're not quite sure how you should carry it out. Don't worry, Occam would like to share a list of 7 things that should not be missing.

What you should never miss in your app design

have you ever thought about it? Did you know that in applications there are a series of essential ingredients to guarantee a good development? Pay attention to what we want to tell you:

  1. The customer.

He is always the most important ingredient. He is as much a part of the team as you are. Directly or indirectly, but he is. His opinions count and his weight is essential within the App. His every word can be a relevant clue to design the project according to his idea and his needs. Of course, sometimes he will tell us things that can slow down our process, and it will be difficult to explain the reasons why we do this or that thing, or why this is so, but, whether we like it or not, he is part of the work. He is the origin of the project, the person from whom the idea or the initiative is born. Do not forget it.

  1. Think about the devices.

You already know that your mobile phone is not the only type of device that exists today, nor is it the only operating system. An iPad or Tablet, an Android or iOS mobile phone can manifest itself on different devices. And this is something you cannot lose sight of when designing an application. Why? It is not the same to make it for one operating system as for another, for one device as for another, as there are differences that we must bear in mind to guarantee the quality of the service.

  1. Remix between programmer and designer.

The designer will always have to talk to the programmer to propose, to make and to undo possibilities. Sometimes he will give in and sometimes not so much. He may even come up with ideas that you had not even thought of. In any case, the programmer and the designer of the App have to work hand in hand and form an organised and coordinated team. Both must have an updated knowledge, as it will influence the way of developing and programming the application. They can do it through talks, blogs, social networks and looking for the latest trends.

  1. Same language.

In the world of mobile applications you have to become a kind of chameleon. We explain: you must speak like the client and the programmers, because only through the same 'language' you will be able to understand each other perfectly and develop improvements focused on the final objective. When we talk about the same 'language', in this sense, we mean using and learning the words specific to their functions. All of this will influence the development of a good product and service.

  1. Leave room for doubt.

Sometimes you may be convinced that you have done an excellent job, but suddenly the client receives it and finds a 'but'. You start asking yourself questions like, wouldn't blue look better? What does this mean? What is this used for? However, if you don't take anything for granted, no matter how much you like the result of your work, the frustration will be less.

  1. Use prototypes.

Believe it or not, prototypes are very useful, especially for the amount of time they save us. Imagine for a moment that, from the beginning, you had to start making the final design. A prototype allows you to modify anything in time to develop the perfect design later. They serve to show the client what the application will be like, a kind of sketch.

  1. Think about the user.

Users will always help us to improve our product, especially because, although we cannot please everyone, they will be the ones who use it and who give us the best clues. They can guide us on the path of our development, because their opinion also counts. What if this function does not understand it, what if this colour does not fit at all, what if this does not work... Has it ever happened to you?

These are the 7 things that should not be missing in your application. There are many more, but we don't want you to make a mess, so we will tell you about them little by little.

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