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8 things customers look for when choosing a company

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Risk, fight and bet for change. It is based on these three pillars that we are going to support this post, as it is necessary to risk to change, fight to achieve our goals, and bet to make our dreams a reality. The customer is the soul that gives meaning to the exercise of the companies. It is the most important element. Without them, the business would not exist. Therefore, it is essential to know what are the main elements on which they focus when betting on the products and services of a company.

"Empathy is the only ideology capable of changing the world".

what are you looking for?

Start by putting yourself in their shoes. Think about what they are looking for and how you can offer it to them. Potential customers value a multitude of elements in companies. It is a kind of feedback chain in which you have to offer what they are looking for, and they will look for what you are offering them. We tell you 8 values they look for when they choose a company:

  1. BLOG: Having a place where you can showcase your products and services, as well as generate valuable content on topics related to them.
  1. VALUE: They will want to be sure that they choose the best possible option, the one that fits their problems and/or needs, the one that adds to them and does not subtract from them.
  1. TRUST. They say that constancy is the key to success, and keeping it present in the publication of content will make you a place to trust and always come back to. They expect you to be present whenever they need you.
  1. EMPATHY: Try to empathise with your potential customers, as it is important to participate in their emotional reality. It is important to understand their tastes and needs.
  1. INTERACTION: They will have endless questions to ask you, but this will be a sign that you have aroused their interest. Try to communicate formally, but always be flexible to their interests. Remember that each person is different.
  1. POSITIVE ATTITUDE: Are you prepared to attend to, meet and satisfy the needs of your potential customers?
  1. CLARITY: The content you publish, as well as the soul of the company, must respond to a single form so that your clients believe in the integrity of what you are telling them. You will be projecting an image of professionalism.
  1. ATTENTION. It always counts and they will value it.

If we had to choose just one thing or value from the above, it would be really difficult to say 'this is the most important', because, in reality, it is a mixture of all of them that potential customers are looking for. These values do not work individually when it comes to attracting. However, there is an important point in content strategies, and that is to put yourself in the other person's shoes. We are talking about empathy.

Take qualitative and emotional aspects into account

Potential customers focus on the characteristics of the product and the way you tell them about it. Therefore, it is important to focus on the qualitative and emotional aspects, i.e. to know what their expectations of the products and services are, how they think, etc. This technique is part of the content strategies and, in turn, of the Inbound methodology. We could say that Inbound Marketing is the most effective way to break with the daily routines of companies nowadays.

Whatever the type of relationship, there is nothing like an emotional connection between the parties. When we talk about companies and customers, the same thing happens. Do you want to offer them the experience they are looking for? Achieving this does not only depend on creating a 'showcase', but also on focusing on the emotional points. The content generated both on the blog and on social networks can be a good way to arouse feelings in users, as their psychophysiological reactions depend, to a large extent, on our way of transmitting it to them.

We could even talk about emotional marketing, closely related to Inbound itself. Sadness, joy, motivation, fear, anger... All of them guide our behaviour in every decision we make. With companies it could not be less. Without the emotional part, customer-company relationships would not make sense. Some brands are very aware of this aspect, as it is enough to take a look at ads like the Campofrío Christmas ad from 2015, where the character says: "Believe me there are too many things every day worth opening your eyes, getting up and going out to live".

any conclusions?

In short, what we have tried to convey to you with this post from Occam Digital Agency is that, as a company, it is important to know what our potential customers need, as well as the problems they have, to help them solve them. It is a kind of empathy that begins with curiosity and can end up with loyalty.

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