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why do motion graphics increase the conversion of my videos?

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Some say that digital marketing is made of text, but... isn't it also made of video?

We face an average of 1 billion hours of video on YouTube every day. I repeat, in a single day! It's amazing how credible it is as a source of content, isn't it? The format makes it very easy to share content with a large audience. And as a result, there are a multitude of typologies depending on the needs of the audience. Whether it's service tutorials, corporate events, product reviews, testimonials or animated videos, you're sure to find something that interests you.

There is always something for you, and something of you for everyone.

Imagine having to film the landing on the moon. How a complex technological device works. How to visually represent your company's financial results. Or how a medicine works in our body. All this can be done through animation and become a message of great audiovisual appeal.

That's why we said a couple of lines above that motion graphics increase the conversion of your videos, the question is to find out how they do it. Whether you want to explain the operation of a new device, or if you want to express complex ideas in a simple and brief way, capturing the attention of the audience, in this post you will find tips to achieve it.

get the conversion rate you've always dreamed of!

Motion graphics, the best strategy to increase the conversion of your videos

Two questions to start this section and see what your answers are. Do you know what conversion is? Do you use video on a regular basis?

You have decided to launch a video marketing campaign for your company. Great! It will help you to retain the user's attention (improve retention), share your content on social networks (especially if it is emotional or humorous) and increase the conversion rate (the video encourages action). To convert is to achieve a purchase or closure, unlike loyalty, which consists of converting the user into a loyal customer who buys from us repeatedly.

but what is it about motion graphics that can increase the conversion rate of your videos? Aha! Here are a few reasons:

  • It is very versatile and gives the opportunity to explain complex concepts in a simple way. For technology or financial companies it is very beneficial to choose animated videos, as they often have to explain complex processes or results.
  • They give a touch of elegance and make boring information interesting. Flat content does not arouse interest, unlike dynamic and animated videos. A brand that only uses text will not have the same impact as one that has taken the time to create motion graphics.
  • They explain data, concepts or processes in a matter of seconds, which saves work and time, both for the team and the users. And they hold the audience's attention until the end.
  • Theyhave an amazing power of synthesis. Didactic, but attractive. If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video surpasses its power and impact to unimaginable levels.

Surely, you have heard of this Anglo-Saxon term before. Motion graphics (or explainer) often go hand in hand. It is a short explanatory video that uses the animated format. In other words, motion graphics is a discipline where principles of video production, visual design, animation and sound are used. Together, they become a very powerful piece for online marketing.

They are concise, engaging, connect with the audience, can be adapted to any digital platform and are limited only by imagination (or budget). In short, they allow brands to create eye-catching audiovisual pieces in a short time, are easy to modify and have a controlled budget.

motion graphics, everything you need to increase conversion!

Convert, yes, but what?

Nothing catches the human eye like moving images. If not, you can ask Google:

  • "90% of users say product videos are useful when making purchasing decisions".
  • "54% of users want to see more video content from their favourite brands or companies".

And when the content includes animations, the chances of ranking high in Google's results multiply. When we talk about motion graphics, we are also talking about converting..

  • Strangers into visitors to your website.
  • Visitors into leads or sales opportunities.
  • Leads into potential and loyal customers.
  • And boring, conventional content into a story that engages the audience.

it's time to cheer up!

4 ways to put motion graphics into practice

At Occam Digital Agency, we like to think in slightly different formats to bring brands to life. Here are some ideas for implementing animation in your videos:

  1. Video explainer. It complements textual information in audiovisual format. It's short and has gotten brands out of a lot of trouble by transmitting in a simple way everything that takes more than a breath to tell. A business idea, the characteristics of a product, the operation of a service... We believe that you can go further by creating a more personal work, which distinguishes your videos from the mass offer. From the style, to the voiceovers and transitions, the video explainer has us in love.
  2. Publications for social networks: McDonalds and Netflix are good examples, because they have already implemented motion graphics in social networks, giving the same (or even more) importance than traditional media, such as television.
  3. Headers on social networks, for example on Facebook: it is becoming increasingly common to find headers in 3D animated video or motion graphics, and no wonder. They capture attention from the first second.
  4. Integration of motion graphics at all levels. A brand that wants to differentiate itself today needs to tell a different story. Or rather, tell it in a different, fresher and more dynamic way, because only then will it connect with the audience. And for this, you should not do without motion graphics in your social channels. They are part of the conversion strategy! Don't think that it consists of making small tests or animating some loose element, the results multiply when you are able to bet big. What if the axis of your video marketing and social media strategy was animation? Think about it..

At the end of this post, it only remains for us to remind you that motion graphics in your marketing campaigns helps to improve engagement with your audience, close more sales and tell complex ideas. Whether it's a YouTube ad, a social media post, a tutorial explaining your products or your brand's promotional videos, motion graphics increases the power of conversion.

make it easy, harness the power of video and get more impact from your content with motion graphics!

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