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Why Black Friday is happening and the best shops to buy from

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The 26th of November is a long-awaited day for shopping lovers, Black Friday. Many companies have already started to publish their advertising campaigns in relation to this day, promising a large number of discounts in some of our favourite shops.

Black Friday or Black Friday has definitely settled in Spain. This pre-Christmas discount season involves offers both in physical shops and in the digital world. This day marks the beginning of the Christmas season all over the world.

Its origin is definitely on the other side of the Atlantic, although there are several theories as to how and where it arises. In this article we will see what Black Friday is, why this day arises, and the best options where to buy during this season.

what is Black Friday?

The last Thursday in November marks the start of the Black Friday shopping season. This day is very important in the United States, as it is the day when Thanksgiving is celebrated. It is the following day, that is, the last Friday in November, when shopping centres fill up with people.

Although this practice originated in the United States, it has moved halfway around the world. It is a day when everyone goes shopping mad. Millions of people take to the streets and raze all the shops they see in their path. In addition, the digital world and websites also collapse and break sales records.

Black Friday is a consumerist ritual that is repeated every year. It is also a very beneficial tool for large sales companies, as it represents a huge increase in revenue. Many brands have also launched inbound marketing during this sales season.

The question is, is Black Friday a modern, digital invention or does it have older roots?

Origin of Black Friday

There is no clear theory as to how the idea came about, as nothing has been 100% proven. What there is no shortage of, however, are theories that suggest its origin. One thing is clear: Black Friday originated in the United States.

One of the first theories that spread was that it has a slavery origin, according to this theory, the day after Thanksgiving the black slave traders lowered their prices for the winter season.

A more plausible hypothesis is that it dates its origin to Friday 24 September 1869. This theory states that the expression arose after two Wall Street brokers, Jim Fisk and Jay Gould, attempted to corner the entire gold market in their hands. They teamed up with a New York politician, Boss Tweed, and failed in the attempt.

This was because the price of gold plummeted in a matter of minutes, causing bankruptcy for many investors. This day would come to be known as "Black Friday."

Another of the more realistic theories comes from mid-20th century Philadelphia. According to the Telegraph newspaper, the city of Philadelphia saw an avalanche of people on the Friday after Thanksgiving, as a large number of people gathered to do their Christmas shopping and attend a game taking place in the city. This horde of people caused no policeman to be able to take the day off, even working long twelve-hour days to control the situation.

This led to the day being christened "Black Friday", an initiative that was very successful, and the term began to be used to describe the large numbers of people who flocked to the shops on that day.

It spread across the country after The New York Times newspaper coined it in its magazine on 19 November 1975.

In Europe it began to gain more recognition in the 21st century. In Spain it was introduced by the German chain Media Markt in 2012. Although at first the reception was not very enthusiastic, after other chains such as Amazon or El Corte Inglés began to introduce it, it began to acquire great success in the country. Another term that arose from the hand of Black Friday is also Cyber Monday.

Since then, more and more shops have included this day in their shops, offering a large number of discounts to shoppers.

This initiative has gained a lot of hype in the digital world, with marketing strategies focusing all their efforts on Black Friday campaigns that contribute to increasing their revenues.

Best places to shop on Black Friday

This day is very important for shoppers, which is why it is important to efficiently select the best places to shop.

  1. MediaMarkt

MediaMarkt is one of the shops where you can find the best offers on this day. MediaMarkt is known for its great discounts during the sales period. Its great offers can be found in categories such as telephony or electrical appliances. They have confirmed that they are going to make sales of up to 69%, and Black Friday will last until 9 am on 29 November.

  1. Shein

The international e-commerce company has confirmed that it will be offering sales of up to 75% on its articles. It is one of the most popular online clothing shops among users and influencers at the moment. The company has promised that we will find offers of clothes at 50 cents on the fashion website.

  1. AliExpress

It is the most important Chinese online commerce company and the one that has bet more on its distribution in our country. This company has physical stores and online shop in Spain. Although in the physical shop there is not so much variety of products, in the online shop we can find more than 10 million products. Among these we will find some of the best offers during the Black Friday.

  1. Inditex

The company specialising in the sale of textile products has confirmed that it will start with its discounts at 20:00 on 25 November, exclusively through its application. The company includes some of the most famous shops both nationally and internationally, such as Zara, Bershka and Stradivarius. This campaign is one of the most anticipated by fashion fans.

Black Friday is an excellent opportunity to start with the Christmas shopping. There is no certainty about its origin, but the shops take advantage of this day to offer some of their best offers of the year. We hope this article has helped you!

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