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Copywriting: how to write creative titles for your articles

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Creating original titles is essential to attract the attention of users, so today we explain how to write the most original and creative titles. Pay attention!

what are the differences between creative titles and traditional titles?

The most basic difference between a traditional title and a creative one is that the former aims to inform and expose the main topic of the text, but a creative title aims to go further and arouse the reader's interest.

Considering the large amount of information that arrives and is accessible nowadays, an informative headline is not enough to get the click, hence it is now almost essential to be creative and original.

how to make really creative headlines for your articles step by step?

  1. Use data and statistics to determine what works best. Analysing the headlines of those articles with the most traffic, both your own and those of your competitors, can give you clues as to what attracts the reader.

  2. Be clear about the objectives of the article. Knowing the purpose of the article, the type of audience it is aimed at, what is interesting about the content or who might find it useful, among other things, is a way of obtaining clues about the concepts that should appear in the headline.

  3. Use the AIDA technique. The AIDA technique refers to everything that a headline should contain: Attention, Interest, Desire and Action.

  4. Use the SHEIN technique: SHEIN is another technique that refers to the creation of good headlines, but in this case it refers to Specificity, Helpfulness, Entertainment, Immediacy and Novelty.

  5. Measure results: The results of any action taken within a digital marketing strategy, including the creation of headlines, should be measured to know what works and what should be improved.

Copywriting: cómo escribir títulos creativos para tus artículos

Final tips for successful creative headlines

Although practice is the best way to come up with original and creative titles, there are a number of aspects that should be taken into account:

  • Be non-conformist: never settle for the first title that pops into your head; even if it involves some effort, the ideal is to create several titles until you find the one that is an invitation to click.

  • Look for originality: try to ensure that the title is very different from that of your competitors and that it is not repetitive.

  • Do not mislead the reader: the title should give information about the content of the text, but should not create false expectations. It is very common to find very striking titles that lead to an article that does not contain what is expected and is also poorly written. This is clearly a mistake, because the reader's trust is lost.

  • You must attract quality traffic: sometimes it is necessary to mention or give clues about the type of audience the article is aimed at in order to avoid bouncing.

  • It must show the reader some kind of benefit: there are words that have an implicit beneficial meaning for the reader, such as healthy or ecological, which can arouse interest and curiosity.

  • You can use the title in the form of a question: it has been proven that question titles are much more appealing to users because, indirectly, they are already involving them in the action. However, the question must always be related to the content of the text.

  • Use the main keyword: keywords help search engines to know what the article is about, but when they are in the title they also give the user clues as to what they are going to find inside. This means that the main keyword should always appear in the title.

  • Better simple words than complex ones: although it may seem very attractive and tempting to use a technical term, it is better to use a simple word that can be understood by all users, unless it is a text aimed at a much more specific audience.

  • Summarise: search engines only display 65 characters of the title, so you should avoid overdoing it or it will be cut off.

  • Give it your personal touch: Writing is like drawing, everyone has their own style. Make your own writing traits work in your favour. This way, the level of connection you have with your readers will increase significantly. Someone might, for example, recognise your personal "touch" in a title because it probably "sounds like something you would say".

Copywriting: cómo escribir títulos creativos para tus artículos

And to conclude, it is important to remember that taking care of the quality of the content is also fundamental, since the perfect title accompanied by a bad text will create distrust among users, which will lead to a drop in visits in the short or long term. Thanks for reading us!

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