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what can we expect from marketing in 2019?

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We're sure you've heard about new trends countless times. That's what it's like to end one year and join the beginning of another. After all, 365 days mark a before and after in people's lives, but also in the lives of companies.

2018 has not left anyone indifferent, as we have seen how companies have increased their commitment to Inbound methodology and video marketing, among others. But what can we expect from their behaviour in the new year? How do they face it? What will be the main novelties? And the changes?

We are ready to tell you about them, and maybe these new developments will help you to continue growing. Don't stay in doubt and join us.

Digital marketing with a view to the near future

We live in a society convinced that the key is not to expect anything from anyone, but its protagonists are impractical in its application. Expecting always forces us to set expectations, and in the world of marketing, each professional and each company expects different changes. From a general point of view, we are going to tell you what will be the main developments in 2019:

  • CONTENT CREATION. The novelty is not in the generation of posts but in the fact that this technique will continue to be maintained. Users and companies that have implemented marketing strategies have discovered important advantages in this tool (attraction and loyalty of potential customers, increased visibility, etc.).
  • CONTEXTUAL MARKETING: The key to contextual marketing lies in knowing the consumer. It is a meaningful and effective way of gathering information about our potential customers based on analysing their behaviour and automating processes. Context matters!
  • INSTAGRAM: Perhaps it would be better to talk more about the stories of this social network, as companies have started to make great use of them thanks to the instantaneousness they provide. Many companies have created their own Instagram profiles not only to share images of their teams, but also to make a live performance at an event, share images of their products and services, etc.
  • FACIAL RECOGNITION: This may still be a work in progress, but it is true that some companies are already implementing it, and the implementation of this technology opens up a world of opportunities to determine the emotions or moods of consumers.
  • ATTRACTION MARKETING. It is nothing new, but it is still the most efficient technique par excellence in attracting potential customers. The data and its ability to use different techniques in a joint and coordinated way say so. Inbound Marketing was born as a response to intrusive advertising. This methodology is here to stay.

do you think you are getting the opposite of the desired effect?

Intrusive methods stopped having a positive impact on society a long time ago. Perhaps they did when people/users had no other option, but when new methodologies such as Inbound came onto the scene, intrusive bounce rates began to skyrocket. Many companies have become aware of the wasted effort they were investing, and the fact is that invading, interrupting and annoying have nothing to do with attraction.

is there a better way to get customers than attracting them in a natural way? Inbound Marketing came as a change of trend, and companies have realised that intrusiveness makes them obtain the opposite effect to the desired one. Just stop and think for a moment about the following situation: your objective is to increase sales, but if you interrupt the user, the most likely thing is that he will flee. Don't you think so?

Nobody is interested or likes to be bombarded with information that, even if it is of interest to us, interrupts us and almost forces us to make a decision.

That is why new technologies and awareness of consumer behaviour have made digital marketing possible.

And you, where do you stand?

At Occam Digital Agency we are ready to join the novelty.

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