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when and why was video marketing born?

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We are sure you have heard it said that everything has an origin, a story and a why. Video marketing could not be less, and today we are here to tell you about it.

But let's start by pausing along the way, first, because we are going to talk to you about video individually, without any companions, and, second, because we are going to establish a link between the parts to locate the moment when 'video' and 'marketing' started to walk together.

have you heard of this concept? How many videos do you watch every day? Have you thought about including this tool in your projects? What is your idea of it?

We want to share with you the history of video marketing seen from the most current side. Companies, people and society have observed important changes in which they have been involved. Long ago, the ways of buying changed, which is why companies had to adapt and modify the ways of selling. Something similar has happened with video, and its use has spread to so many possibilities, that some experts agree that "80% of all internet traffic will be video by 2019". The media are echoing this phenomenon, as it happens with the magazine Estrategia y Negocio (Strategy and Business).

As a consequence, companies are including this tool as a fundamental point in their roadmap. And you, have you already included it in your plans?

Before we dive intovideo marketing

There are so many reasons to include video marketing in business. We all carry a small backpack of experiences on our backs, which makes the fear of loss insurmountable for some people.

Businesses carry theirs too, but they are afraid of making mistakes, of falling, of stepping out of their comfort zone. However, doing so is part of their story and their path to success. Not taking any risk may be the biggest risk of all.

We tell you this because video is one of those indispensable decisions that companies have to make. Choosing whether to include it as a link in their strategy, or not, means stopping to think and killing the uncertainty of 'what if'. It has been a while since we first heard someone say that video marketing was already a reality, a tool to squeeze corporate potential and that it would become more relevant every year. So far, the predictions have been fulfilled.

did you know that the first video advertisement was made in 1941? Do you know how many have been made since? One company flicked the switch of history at that time, but since then, all those who joined the video trend have become protagonists of it.

It was in 2005 when YouTube came on the scene to change us all. Nike became the first brand to take advantage of this platform to start video marketing. More than ten years have passed, and companies have found a place in video for their products and services.

Remember, the impossible just takes a little longer, but it all comes. Being a pioneer and being prepared is essential.

Reasons why video and marketing are coming together

In a nutshell: because companies have found great advantages in their use. Since the world plunged into the Information Age, data has become the main source for decision making. Some studies state that "the average user spends 88% more time on pages that contain video", others believe that "70% of B2B buyers and their assistants watch video before buying", and so on.

Based on these data, companies have been gradually launching themselves into the immense world of audiovisuals. The advantages may have become the ideal driver of your decisions, and it is in these that the main reasons for the confluence between video and marketing lie. We will tell you some of them:

  • To achieve a more enjoyable and effective communication. Video allows you to explain more in less time.
  • To achieve a high degree of emotional connection with the public. Empathy is part of our relationships.
  • To improve your position in search engines.
  • To show your products and services in a much more attractive way.
  • To stimulate viralisation.
  • To help potential customers decide on their purchase to encourage effectiveness.
  • To adapt to users' ways of consuming content. A considerable reduction in the time spent reading has been observed, so video in its multiple variants and formats compensates for this situation thanks to animated gifs, photographs and illustrations.
  • To be closer to users and humanise the company.

If you think we have left out any reason, don't hesitate to write to us, we would be delighted to add our knowledge with you.

To sum up

Talking about video as a recording technology takes us back several decades. Throughout its history, the world has found important niches in which to use it to achieve certain objectives. Companies are one of them, as it came as a perfect opportunity to present and promote their products and services, first, and to achieve their objectives with the marketing strategy, later.

Video marketing has grown and evolved rapidly with the emergence of the internet thanks to the opportunities for dissemination and access that it allows. For this reason, many of them have already expanded their strategies. People are the foundation of companies. We seek to grow with them. We are part of their growth and the creators of their path to the top.

Innovation is always difficult, there is always a risk, no doubt about it, but if you don't risk, you don't win.

pon un vídeo corporativo en tu vida

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