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what are push notifications?

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Push notifications, simply put, are instant messages sent by an application or website. Their main purpose is to generate an alert on the user's device. A clear example of this is WhatsApp: our phone automatically lights up when a message is sent to us and we can preview it without having to enter the application.

what are push notifications for?

  1. To attract the user's attention.
  2. To communicate different messages such as updates, promotions, news..
  3. To communicate news (a like, a new publication, a new message, etc.)
  4. Create personalised messages, as applications and websites record user activity, and therefore adjust the content they display.

what are the advantages of push notifications?

  • They allow you to see the notifications instantly, and in many apps without the need to access it directly. It is an easy and effective way of attracting attention, as we are becoming more impatient every day and push notifications help us to speed up the process.
  • They save battery life, as you don't need to open apps to receive information, you don't waste your smartphone's battery navigating through them, as most of them pop up on the screen and without the need to unlock the phone you can see the notifications in seconds.
  • It is a non-invasive tool, because it is only activated when the user requests it, i.e. you give them control over when you want to receive the information or not.
  • Theyare not annoying to receive, so they are a good digital marketing strategy. In addition, this type of technology is easier to implement and its architecture is simpler .

¿En qué consisten las notificaciones push?

how to improve your conversion rate with push notifications?

Push notifications are used to alert the user, for example, that everything on your website is discounted by 20%, a new launch, or simply that you have a message. There are many examples that you see every day of this type of instant messaging, whose purpose is a reminder. But beware of spam, if used excessively you can cause the opposite effect and get the user to get tired and delete your application or leave your website.

A notification that there is a discount in your shop for a limited time will have an increase in CTR, as the user out of curiosity and interest will enter to learn more. And it is much more likely that they will perform an action in your business. Because creating urgency is a trick that works, limited and exclusive campaigns are campaigns that increase the click-through rate.

Likewise, segmenting your users would be another way to improve your conversion rate. Don't send the same notifications to all your customers, because not all of them are interested in the same thing. You are more likely to click on the notification if the user is interested in what you offer. For example, if you have a sports fashion shop and soon there will be an important race in a city, send a notification segmenting your customers by their location and tastes. If you send it to a user who lives in another city and the sport they practice is swimming, they won't open the notification because they are not interested in it.

Finally, we recommend using more visual elements, such as an image or emojis. If your idea is to promote a new product, adding an image to your notification increases the chances of users clicking, as it has a higher click rate than those that only contain text. The same goes for the use of emojis, they are an easy way to highlight a text and attract the user's attention. But be careful, like everything in this life, too much can be tiring, and make sure that these emojis are related to your message, don't use them randomly.

what are pull notifications?

Pull notifications are notifications that are displayed only when the user requests information, i.e. it is a more traditional way of receiving messages than push notifications. A very simple example would be that of social networks, whether Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, when you scroll down to refresh the page, the new notifications that are displayed is what is known as pull notifications.

Furthermore, the big difference between the two technologies is that with push notifications it is the server that sends the information at any time, without a request from the user, whereas with pull notifications, the communication takes place once the client requests it, so it is the user who asks the server for the information.

¿En qué consisten las notificaciones push?

Finally, remember that combining these two notifications is the key to success with your inbound marketing and digital marketing strategies. Moreover, as you have seen throughout this article, both notifications are very effective and easy to implement. We hope you have enjoyed reading this article!

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