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How to increase product demand with trade marketing

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Trade Marketing is a strategy that consists of promoting a brand's products directly in the place where the consumer is going to make his or her purchase. To do this, both the price and the presentation of the product must be carefully considered.

what is digital trade marketing?

Digital Trade Marketing is responsible for winning over the customer at the digital point of sale , i.e. in e-commerce. It is not enough just to include the product on the website and try to sell it, you have to win over the customer and, once they have bought it, build customer loyalty.

This digital marketing strategy must be prepared so that the information we provide to users influences them for good, since it is very likely that before going to the physical shop, the user enters our online shop for information.

Cómo aumentar la demanda del producto con el trade marketing

what are the objectives of trade marketing?

  1. strengthen the brand: When you have control of the impact your product has on the customer who discovers it, it is easy to improve their perception of your brand. Therefore, when you present your product in an eye-catching and innovative way, you create a memory in the customer's mind that positions you in their preferences, above the competition.
  2. choose the right channel: Study well what type of channel your potential customers prefer, as it doesn't matter how visible you are at a point of sale if it is not the right channel.
  3. gain visibility and exposure. You can do this through the use of merchandising or additional branding material. However, samples also work very well.
  4. plan promotions and offers. Along with good visibility material, promotions are good examples of trade marketing because they increase customer interest in the product and contribute to product turnover.

Cómo aumentar la demanda del producto con el trade marketing

how to apply trade marketing to increase demand for a product?

  • Product information must be complete. It is essential to include as much information as possible about the product so that the user is clear about whether to buy it or not. If, for example, you have a furniture business and in your shop you do not add the measurements of your products, users will not be sure whether to buy from your shop or not. It is not only useful to have a complete definition of the product, it is also important to add quality photographs, a coherent title..
  • Get a good SEO of your website: add titles and descriptions of the products including the necessary keywords so that the organic positioning is always optimised within the different search engines.
  • User experience: This is one of the most important points, as it is very likely that a user will end up not buying if they have a bad experience. So, be careful with this!
  • Train your team: It is advisable to do one or more training sessions explaining to the members of your team what objectives you intend to achieve with the strategy.
  • Audiovisuals are attractive: photographs, audio and videos bring confidence, which makes customers more willing to buy.
  • Don't forget about your competition. Whatever sector you are in, knowing how your competition works is essential, so you can have an idea of what you can improve in your own strategy, as well as where to invest so that users prefer to buy your products rather than those of your competitors.
  • Set up the infrastructure: You may need a tool to collect data from different outlets and keep track of all of them, but you can also do it manually. The tool you choose will facilitate communication with the rest of the team, help you to get reports, as well as track the status of the product in the outlets.
  • Design a Trade Marketing action plan. You must define what information your team is going to collect. This is done through survey forms, in which the field team collects information about the price of the product, its condition, visibility, competition, etc.
  • Keep track of operations. You must keep an eye on the development of the entire action plan, seeing which objectives take longer to achieve and why, modifying itineraries if necessary, and even retraining your team. It is important to be in constant communication with them, keep an eye on stock-outs and propose alternatives to any unforeseen events that may arise.
  • Loyalty: If you offer the customer a good experience on your website, they will want to repeat it, and if you win your users over with your website usability and the facilities and conveniences they find on your website, they are very likely to keep you in mind for future purchases, and not only that, they will also recommend you.

In conclusion, trade marketing helps your business look good to potential customers, use the tips we have given you and your business will grow in sales quickly.

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