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what is personal branding?

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Personal branding is a term that is defined as the management of a personal brand, acting in such a way that the public clearly understands who you are and what you offer. Today we tell you why it is so important and how you can achieve it in a few simple steps. Don't miss it!

why is personal branding important?

  • It gives you visibility and opens up opportunities. It allows potential clients or companies to see you in the way you have projected your own image. Your job is to create your own personal brand and in personal marketing they will talk about you even when you are not present and it will influence the perception that others have of you and your professionalism.

  • It helps you to show yourself as an expert in your field. Knowing how to create a brand of yourself and working on it properly will show you as a valid person, an expert in a specific field, with judgement, worth listening to and hiring when it comes to that field.

  • Itimproves your credibility and brings you closer to success. When someone does not know you, it is difficult for them to have any perception of your integrity, professionalism or reliability. Through personal branding you will be contributing to generate an image and perception of yourself that shows you as a credible person that anyone would want to work with.

¿Qué es el personal branding?

how do you build your personal branding step by step?

  • Know yourself well: it is necessary to do a lot of work on self-knowledge to create a personal brand, as this should always be created based on the individual behind it, so it should highlight your strengths, virtues and capabilities. What really works is authenticity, as this is what creates trust. When you create a personal brand, you do it to enjoy what you are doing and to grow professionally with it.

  • Set yourself a goal: in order not to abandon a project, you have to set yourself some objectives, because without them it is very difficult to establish a strategy. You can start with short-term objectives and, little by little, expand them. It is also normal to make mistakes along the way, the important thing is to set yourself realistic, achievable goals and grow little by little.

  • Get a domain name. Having a website is essential nowadays to become visible. For a personal brand to grow, the ideal is to get a .es or .com domain with your name and surname. In addition, there is no better logo than your own name. The accounts on social networks, the blog and all the pages that accompany the main website should have the same name so as not to confuse the audience.

  • Make it clear what you offer. On the main website and on the social networks, the services or products you offer should be made clear. You should also specify what their uses are to create a need in the public. For a service or product to be useful and necessary, it must save the public time and money, as well as bring them wellbeing. It has been proven that when something manages to provide these three things, success is practically guaranteed.

  • Observe the competition: Analysing what other professionals in the sector are doing, what they offer, how they communicate with their audience, what kind of material they publish on the web and in networks can be a great source of inspiration. As a personal brand, it is not about copying what others are doing, but about improving it by contributing your own strengths and virtues.

  • Observe your audience: It is very important to listen to the voice of your audience, as their feedback can give clues as to what mistakes are being made, as well as what your biggest successes have been. It is also a good idea to look at blogs, websites and customer profiles, as this is where you can see the needs and concerns they have.

  • Don't forget the offline part: being on the internet alone may not be enough; attending events, conferences, talks, trade fairs, etc. related to your profession can help a virtually unknown personal brand to become known.

¿Qué es el personal branding?

Finally, bear in mind that personal branding is something that must be worked on and that evolves day by day. It is not enough to create a good personal brand, it must be maintained over time. Remember that you are the main responsible for your brand, but not with the personal branding work to show an idealised image of your person, but also with your actions, your professional work and what others think, give their opinion and say about you because of what you bring to them or after having worked with you. We hope you liked this article and that you do not stop reading us! Thank you!

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