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what is Pagerank and how can I improve it?

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Pagerank has a lot to do with the positioning of web pages, which is essential nowadays, so it is important that you know what it is and how you can improve it.

what is Pagerank?

Pagerank is a score given by Google to a web page that influences its positioning, as it is one of the company's most important algorithms. It was launched in 1999 and consists of measuring the importance and quality of a web page in a range from 0 to 10.

Pagerank works in a very similar way to SCI, which is in charge of measuring the importance of different scientific publications by determining their relevance and influence. Pagerank is the same applied to the web world, the value of a web page is determined through the links granted by another website, also taking into account other factors such as the quality and importance of the website. The creation of Pagerank had a very decisive impact on the way in which the popularity of a website was approached, thus increasing the obsession to get as many links as possible.

To establish the Pagerank rating, Google takes several factors into account:

  • Total page views
  • Quality
  • Content value
  • Update frequency
  • Design
  • Loading speed
  • Responsive design

¿Qué es el Pagerank y cómo puedo mejorarlo?

how does Pagerank work?

What the giant Google does is to score each page from 0 to 10 according to a scale in which the links have a great influence. Not all these links are worth the same, as Google has three characteristics to evaluate them:

  1. firstly, the first thing Google takes into account is the quantity of links.
  2. on the other hand, we have the quality of the links, as there may be many links, but if they are not of quality, it matters little.
  3. the context in which the clicks on the page take place. This means that if authoritative websites with a good Pagerank link to us, we will also increase our Pagerank and with it we will rise in the SEO ranking, thus appearing in the top positions of Google. On the other hand, the fact that we are linked to pages that are not highly valued will have hardly any influence on us.

seo-googlehow can I improve my Pagerank?

  1. Improve the quality of the links we receive. We must ensure that pages that are highly valued by Google link to us on their website.
  2. Take care of the internal links. PageRank spreads between all the pages of your site, so take good care of the internal link structure of your website and make sure that all your pages are accessible and that there are simple and intuitive navigation routes for users. Also, add, as far as possible, a site map and a Google SiteMap.
  3. Technical optimisation: When we talk about technical SEO, we are referring to the practices that allow us to build a foundation within the ranking of our website in general. Some of these practices have to do with the optimisation of titles or meta tags, as well as simplifying the code to optimise the loading time of our platform .
  4. Optimise the design and user experience. It is not only technically important that our website has well indexed content and is easy to find within the web positioning, it is important that users are happy once they have entered our website. The design not only has to be attractive to them, but there has to be a web usability that allows users to find what they need, so the design has to be simple, visitors will perceive it and will want to use the website again.
  5. Create quality content: When it comesto search engines, providing quality content is extremely important for an effective SEO strategy. You have to combine good technical SEO with quality content, as internet users are looking for content that is relevant and helps them .
  6. Use CTAs: By adding your content to your social media and other platforms, you will be able to promote your content even more, which boosts the trust of your website.

what not to do?

  • Don't buy links.
  • Do not systematically accept reciprocal links.
  • Never include SPAM in forums.
  • Sponsored link campaigns on Google, Overture, Miva, Mirago... do not improve your PageRank.
  • Emailing campaigns do not improve your PageRank.
  • Banner campaigns (Weborama network, affiliation networks...) do not improve your PageRank.
  • SEO companies will not improve your PageRank.
having a good position within the Pagerank is very important for your inbound marketing strategy, as it helps you to position yourself organically in the top positions of Google, so make an effort and get good content so that authority pages link to you and you get to climb like crazy.

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