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Reasons why you should implement video in your email campaigns

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Video email marketing is basically the sending of videos integrated into email marketing campaigns. Thanks to this simple process, a high ROI is achieved and the results are better.

12 reasons why you should do video email

  1. Greater understanding of the message with less effort. Being a visual format the understanding of the message is much better. The user does not have to decode a text and form an image in the mind, but is already given the images already made.

  2. It is quicker to consume than text. Closely related to the previous point and reason, reading any text involves an investment of time. In contrast, watching a video is something that can be done quickly and without so much concentration.

  3. Video is transversal. The same video used in an email campaign can be used in other channels, such as Youtube, Vimeo, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, your own blog, added in an advertising campaign, etc.

  4. Everyone is already using video. Video adapts to the average consumer habits: mobile-first viewing. Using video to reduce the written information in your email favours mobile viewing, the user doesn't have to scroll down as much.

  5. You reach your subscribers' inboxes. The more user interaction with your emails, the higher deliverability.

  6. Influences purchasing decisions. The idea of offering videos in your email marketing strategy must have an intention, an objective, such as informing in a more practical way about a product or service. It is vital that you give it meaning if you want it to really influence the purchase decision of your target audience.

  7. Improves SEO (Search Engine Optimisation): Video motivates users to stay longer on your website or blog, improving your SEO considerably, as it can reduce the bounce rate.

  8. It has great viral potential. The video can spread and go viral easily, if your audience likes it and considers it relevant, they will share it and take it to the profiles of thousands or millions of people.

  9. It is fully interactive, people will be able to comment on your video, ask questions, make suggestions, stop, rewind and replay your video at any time, as many times as they want, thus facilitating better recall and learning.

  10. It increases your brand awareness and generates engagement with your audience. Video marketing is the most powerful strategy to promote your brand and your products; people will certainly prefer brands that interact with them.

  11. A digital video ad on the Internet is inexhaustible, it will last over time, no one will erase it and it will always be available, allowing you to continue advertising your products, generating opportunities to continue selling, as well as generating positioning.

  12. It is suitable for target audiences of any age, although it is true that depending on the age of your target audience it is advisable to opt for one type of content or another, video is valid for everyone.

Razones por las que debes implementar vídeo en tus campañas de email

Tips when using video email

Here are some recommendations that you should take into account when using video in email marketing:

    • Include the word "video" in the subject line of the email. It is a good idea to make it clear from the beginning that your email includes a video. This will stimulate the open rate.
    • Include a visible CTA in your email, either to watch or access the video or to perform the action suggested by the campaign.
    • Avoid autoplay, don't let your videos start on their own, it has to be the user who decides to press play.
    • Subtitle your videos. It is increasingly important that the user can consume the video without listening to it, as people often access email or social networks at times and places where silence is required: before going to sleep, on public transport or in public places, in meetings, etc.
    • Make sure your videos are of good quality. This means that they are well recorded and that they transmit an adequate image of your brand. It is not essential that you use a professional camera, but it is very important that you work well on the lighting, the composition, the script of your videos... Keep it short
    • Keep it short. An email marketing video cannot be too long. On the contrary, you have to make an effort to synthesise when creating it. 30-40 seconds is more than enough to transmit almost any message.
    • Work on a correct dissemination: upload all your videos to a video platform suitable for their dissemination. You will help them to go viral, to reach more users, to build your brand image and to improve your SEO.

Razones por las que debes implementar vídeo en tus campañas de email

Finally, remember that email marketing today is much more than just attractive text, a good subject line and photos. It opens up a world of possibilities and resources to connect with your audiences, so take advantage of video email in your inbound marketing strategy and follow the tips we have given you.

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