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what is guerrilla marketing? Types and examples

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Since the age of the internet and new technologies, we are constantly over-informed, that is, there is a very large advertising saturation, which prevents companies to draw the attention of their potential customers and differentiate themselves from other companies that make up their competition. Due to this overexploitation of advertising, finding an advertising space in which the investment is not too large is a risky sport. In this post we bring you a very effective solution to this problem, guerrilla marketing, this does not require a large investment and with it we can get great results. We will solve all the doubts that you can use guerrilla marketing, from what it is to what can serve us in our marketing strategy. So do not miss anything and read on!

what is guerrilla marketing?

We can say that guerrilla marketing is an advertising strategy that uses a series of techniques considered unconventional such as creativity, ingenuity or innovation, these three factors are used to achieve certain objectives without having to invest large amounts of money in advertising space.

What guerrilla marketing really aims to do is to leave your memory in the minds of our consumers, but not through conventional advertising, but through actions that are innovative and make our advertising go viral and get people to remember us and think of us when they want to cover the need that our product can satisfy.

This guerrilla marketing requires very little investment in terms of money, so it is very good strategy for companies that are small and can not afford large investments, on the other hand, just as it does not require a large monetary investment, it does require an investment in ingenuity and creativity. Sink in people is not easy, it takes hard work and very good ideas. But it brings us great benefits and incredible results, which is why more and more this type of marketing is used. Let's see these benefits that we talked about.

Benefits of guerrilla marketing

  1. Low investment
    As we said before, if we invest in ingenuity and creativity, our advertising will be so strong that it will need almost no monetary investment, this is a great benefit because it achieves impressive results spending little money, which will bring us a great benefit and increase our ROI.

  2. Targets
    This type of marketing allows us to achieve all kinds of objectives, from short term objectives, because from the moment the advertisement is published there is a short period in which we will impact a lot of people, and thanks to this impact we will be able to make an impact in the minds of our consumers, which helps us in the long term by making a space in them for future purchases.

  3. Increases visibility
    The visibility of the brand will be increased in the same way as if you were using traditional advertising, with the difference that the investment is much lower. All advantages!

  4. We position ourselves in front of the competition
    Another of the best benefits of guerrilla marketing is to position yourself above your competition with much scarcer resources than them.

  5. Greater impact
    You get to generate a greater impact on the public because your strategy is based on taking into account human psychology and impacting potential customers from there.

  6. You highlight the creative side of the brand
    The public will see your brand as an innovative and creative brand, and this will boost your brand image and your online reputation.

  7. Viralise
    The content you are generating is designed to go viral, take advantage of this and people will end up knowing your brand from a single advertisement.

  8. You save
    The budget that we don't spend on advertising will be used to invest in other types of actions that we need in our strategy.

Types of guerrilla marketing

There are several ways in which you can classify guerrilla marketing, but here are the most basic ones into which you can divide it.

  1. Ambient
    Ambient marketing, also known as ambient advertising, consists of taking over a space, no matter whether it is indoors or outdoors, and transforming it to send an advertising message related to the brand or product. This has to be very visual in order to be noticed by the reader and for our strategy to be successful.

  2. Experimental
    The main objective of this marketing is that the public itself interacts with it, involves the consumer directly and makes them live a creative experience, something that not only creates a link between them and the brand, but is much more memorable than seeing an advertisement on a billboard.

  3. Performance
    Also known as flashmobs, these are advertising actions carried out in a specific space by a group of people in order to attract the attention of whoever is there, these strategies are very effective if they are well thought out and executed. They are a group of people who, out of nowhere, carry out an unexpected action, something that can be very reminiscent of a musical. They break logic in a coordinated way.

  4. Viral
    These guerrilla marketing actions are usually created mainly for the digital world because their intention is to go viral. There are two types of actions, those online actions that are done directly so that they become viral like the Ice Bucket Challenge, to raise awareness about ALS in 2014. And offline actions that also go viral on the networks even if they are not an audiovisual element.

Real examples of guerrilla marketing

  • Netflix

One of the real examples of cases in which guerrilla marketing has been used is Netflix, which in recent years has become one of the benchmark companies in guerrilla marketing, each campaign it carries out for its series and films is more surprising than the previous one, such as posters for the series Sex Education in which the phrase "Cuenca, we're going to make you watch Netflix" appeared.

  • Cocacola

Coca Cola is also a clear example of guerrilla journalism with its incredible advertising. We can remember the Christmas that they decided to decorate the bus shelters with the brand, wrapping us in an icy Christmas atmosphere that gives us that nostalgia that Christmas itself brings.

  • KitKat

Another very good example is the brand KitKat, which customised the street benches by converting the boards into ounces of KitKat itself, a very clear example of environmental marketing in guerrilla marketing.

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