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what is branding in digital marketing?

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Within digital marketing there are multiple practices and actions that focus on implementing the business and with it, the brand, all businesses have a brand, and this should be the centre of the strategy, we must focus on it and get it to have a good image to other users, in this post we will focus on brands and what is branding and how it can help us in our strategy.

what is a brand?

It is very important to have this concept very clear in order to achieve success, many people believe that the brand of a company is simply its logo or an advertising campaign, but it is much more than that, a brand is what others think you are. Users have a perception of what you are, the feelings you arouse and what others say about you. That is why the brand is so important within your business, because it is what defines you and the reason why your potential customers will decide whether or not to buy your products.

The brand is what is most in touch with your customers, it is the perception they have of you, that is why the priority in any business should be to build it and to satisfy with the brand the expectations of the consumers. We all know perfectly well that a strong brand is really a great competitive advantage, something that shows the value that a company has.

what is branding?

We call branding all the actions related to the positioning and values of a brand, these actions are based on creating a series of feelings and sensations that are connected to the brand image, all these actions will be crucial when it comes to the customer opting for our brand or not in their purchase decision. In short, the objective of branding is to conquer the hearts of consumers, to awaken in them sensations when they hear the name of the brand, everything from the logo to the typography are part of the construction of the personality of the brand. For this reason it must be approached from a strategic perspective, since we need consumers to identify with our brand to the maximum.

We cannot confuse branding with marketing or advertising, marketing comes from the market, not from the brand, it is about finding out what consumers want in order to offer it to them at the right price. On the other hand, advertising is in charge of making the brand known, so it represents the most visible part of the business, and it only works if there are solid branding principles.

In conclusion we can say that branding pursues a long-term relationship with consumers, as it builds trust and establishes a dialogue between the two parties, the company and the consumer, so branding is directly responsible for bringing business and people together.

why is branding important?

La era de internet y de las nuevas tecnologías nos ha traído una gran sobreinformación y cada vez es más fácil abrir un ecommerce o tener una marca propia, por lo que existe mucha competencia, así que cada vez es más necesario diferenciarse. Y esto lo conseguiremos creando una identidad de marca que nos distinga y nos haga diferenciarnos de los demás productos y servicios, con esto los usuarios vinculan nuestra imagen de marca a ciertas emociones, ventajas y soluciones que podemos ofrecer. Un gran ejemplo de esto es la asociación de la marca Cocacola con la felicidad. Es por todo esto que las empresas cada vez están más concienciadas y dedican sus esfuerzos a construir una imagen de marca que las distinga del resto. Esto suele hacerse con métodos como el marketing emocional, el storytelling, o el branded content, mediante los cuales se consigue conectar mejor con el público, sobre todo de manera más emocional, que es lo que buscamos, despertar en nuestros consumidores sentimientos y mostrarles

Branding benefits

  1. Recognition
    It is important that just by seeing our logo, colours or shape, the customer identifies us, as this will help them in their purchasing decision and it will be easier for them to choose us over other products from the competition that are not so familiar to them. With good branding, they will not think too much about choosing us.

  2. Loyalty
    When we have already achieved that consumers recognise our brand and have bet several times for our products or services, what we are achieving is their loyalty, and building customer loyalty is one of the most important points in a marketing strategy.

  3. Trust
    It is very simple, if we have a good branding we will have a good brand image, and if we have a good brand image, the perception of consumers will be positive whether or not they have purchased the product before, so it will be much easier for any customer, loyal or not, to choose our product.

  4. Promote new products
    You will not have problems as if you were starting from scratch and you have to convince them to buy your product, if consumers already have a good image of you, they will want to try your new products because they trust you as a brand. So if your product is good and new, you will be able to launch it in a very satisfactory way.

  5. Consistency
    You already have all the elements of your brand consolidated, you know what is your colour, your typography, your values, your slogan... you don't need to eat your head off any more because you can't get out of it, otherwise consumers would not relate you with your products.

  6. Attract your buyer persona
    If you clearly represent your business, it is very likely that you will attract your ideal customer, since people who connect with the brand do so because they have the same values and can satisfy their needs.

  7. More profit
    As it is logical after all these benefits, branding generates a lot of economic gains, being a prestigious brand, we will attract more customers and we will gain the loyalty of the ones we already have. How can branding not be important?

In conclusion, if you have an online business, you have to use branding for your brand, not only will you generate more sales, but you will also build a renowned brand and you will have prestige. There is nothing more valuable in digital marketing than building customer loyalty and having them recommend you to others, but it is much better if you don't even need a recommendation because just by seeing you they will recognise you.

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