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what is branded content? Examples

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Branded content is one of the most important strategies in the world of marketing. Today we tell you about the keys and the best examples of branded content

what are the keys to branded content?

  1. Conveying brand values: The company aims to create branded content that identifies it and makes an impression on the audience. To do this, it uses its values, transmitting them and making users empathise with them. All this, with complete control of the production that is carried out. By transmitting the values, it increases the possibility that users trust the brand and come to feel identified with it.
  1. Branded entertainment: This is what is known as branded entertainment, which fuses advertising techniques with entertainment. The added value provided by the latter two aspects makes the audience interested in the products or services offered by the company, as well as entertaining them. It is a kind of appeal to users who are genuinely interested in the products or services and which moves away from the conventional way of producing advertising.
  1. Social networks: they are a fundamental tool within branded content, as they open up a multitude of ways to expand the company's branded content. Dissemination through social networks is the key for the content that the company wishes to transmit to reach the audience. Therefore, it is very important that all companies have their social networks up to date, because thanks to their good use, their growth will be reflected.
  1. New smart devices: Just as social networks are important, the advanced mobile devices that we have in our hands nowadays are also one of the keys to the Branded content technique. We need to be updated and know the new technologies. That is where smart devices such as smartphones or tablets come into play. Thanks to them and an Internet connection, we can make use of social networks and the dissemination of branded content through them .

¿Qué es el Branded content? Ejemplos

The 6 best examples of branded content

  • Estrella Damm ,the well-known Catalan company and beer producer, surprises us every year with its branded content, using the tool of Storytelling. One of the most successful campaigns for Estrella Damm was the 2015 campaign entitled Vale, starring Dakota Johnson and Quim Gutiérrez, directed by Alejandro Amenábar.
  • Red Bull has always been known for its branded content and for the great success of all the content it creates. One of the platforms it exploits most is YouTube. Its channel has almost nine million subscribers. Among the different Red Bull Branded Content contents, the one entitled Red Bull Stratos stands out, in which the stratospheric jump of parachutist and ex-military man Félix Baumgartner can be seen.
  • Dove. Dove's "Portraits of Real Beauty" campaign was chosen as the best by the AdAge jury. Through various surveys and studies on female self-esteem, the Dove brand set itself the task of counteracting the negative media effects created by stereotypes of women in today's society. It carried out a series of social experiments to leave positive messages that encourage women to reconsider the way they see themselves.

    ¿Qué es el Branded content? Ejemplos
  • ING: ING made a creative short film to reinforce the brand message and, at the same time, as a way of valuing every comment that customers make in their interaction with them. Under the title "On the other side" a story was created, whose dialogues were built from real customer comments received on different platforms, especially on social networks. The results were immediate: more than 500,000 tweets and more than 770,000 messages on Facebook. It represents a case of how customers value the brand's effort to listen to them and how branding delights and builds customer loyalty.
  • Adidas: For Adidas, it is important to show its interest in sports culture, as well as to spread the values of passion, integrity and performance. This is why it disseminates a tool that helps to change people's lives: since 2015 it has bought the Runtastic app. In this way, the sports brand offers a better experience with this app that accompanies you in your fitness activities and motivates you to achieve your goals.
  • Toshiba: The computer company shows in its video The beauty Inside the importance of the inside of each person. It wants to transmit through Branded Content that what is really important is what is inside each person and its aim is to transfer this also to computers. In this case, the company offers its products in a metaphorical way and making use of people and their feelings.

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