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How online shops have felt the changes in marketing

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A few years ago, companies started to feel the need to have an online presence. Some have been born as such, others have left the physical world, and the braver ones have remained in both worlds. Small, medium and large companies have found a golden opportunity in the range of the internet, especially thanks to the opportunity to break down geographical barriers, and the possibility of having a presence in a spectrum in which, every day, more than 50% of the global population connects. They have reached places where it was not possible before.

how does Inbound Marketing influence online shops, how have they felt their presence?

Inbound Marketing in online shops

A few days ago, I came across a headline that read 'The dangers of marketing prejudices'. I wondered if it was true that prejudices existed. After reading it for a while, it seems that they do. They are a reflection of the awareness that the world is like this. They are as basic as they are profound. One of them was about email marketing in a resounding statement: "it's worthless". Others, however, delved into online shops to say that "they are not a business".

I tell you this because, until recently, I lived with the constant consideration of Inbound Marketing as part of online shops, but the truth is that, in the world, there are millions of e-businesses that still do not know the basics of this methodology. Looking at the glass half full, in the world there are 75% of companies that use Inbound Marketing. Having this methodology in online shops allows their owners to enjoy the following benefits:

  • Increases in organic visits, which has become one of the most important for any online shop.
  • Attraction of qualified customers, which is achieved thanks to segmentation.
  • Greater interactivity and presence in social networks.
  • Increased trust and respect for the brand in the eyes of users.

Betting on yourself can be the best investment.

The effects of Inbound Marketing on online businesses

Telling you this is not a coincidence, but a way to tell you why the Inbound methodology has become the best alternative to traditional marketing. A few years ago, companies with an online presence did not have solid marketing strategies, nor did they even stop to generate content.

There came a time when businesses began to notice a slight change in the way their audience was buying their products and services. Companies were no longer the only ones who could provide them with information about their products and services, as the internet had created a perfect scenario to search for any kind of data.

As a result, companies were faced with a well-informed consumer first, and a no longer linear buying cycle second. The disruption had stopped working, not least because the proliferation of online media had captured the attention of customers in a completely different way. They were providing users with the right content, in the right place, at the right time.

Some online shops have not adapted quickly enough to these changes, so they have felt the consequences: loss of customers, competition overtaking, invisibility in the industry, lack of customer loyalty, decreasing Return on Investment (ROI), low confidence in the business, and so on.

companies feel the need for Inbound Marketing!

A commitment to the Inbound methodology

Companies have realised that the ways of selling have changed because the ways of buying have changed. They have said goodbye to interruption and welcomed attraction. Attract, convert, close and delight are not just any words, but the four pillars of the Inbound methodology.

Thanks to this issue, online shops have managed to attract visits from strangers to convert them into leads or sales opportunities, close a purchase with them, turn them into customers and brand promoters. To achieve this, it has been essential to have a website and some elements of the Inbound strategy such as: keywords, social networks, blogs, calls to action (CTA), landing and thank you pages, forms, emails, etc.

And you, how have you felt the change?

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