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what is brand marketing?

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Nowadays competition in the market is very high, so companies and brands have to stand out, and this is where brand marketing or branding comes in. It is necessary that those that offer a similar product or service in the same sector manage to differentiate themselves from each other in order to be successful.

In this post we explain what brand marketing is so that you don't have any doubts, read on so you don't miss anything!

what is brand marketing?

Brand marketing or branding is the process of building a brand. It is a strategy that a company carries out for the creation and management of all the elements that make up the brand, to make it recognisable by consumers and in their minds. Branding starts from the moment the idea of creating a company is born until the entire brand universe is built.

Brand marketing deals with planning, structuring, managing and promoting the brand, in other words, all the actions that go into the creation of a brand.

The processes involved in this strategy range from the design of the company logo, the choice of corporate colours and typography to the communicative tone.

This strategy involves a lot of work and is not an overnight process. It is a complicated process because it aims to make the brand recognisable to consumers. Thanks to the branding strategy, the aim is not only to be recognised by the public, but also to be relevant in the market, to improve the visibility and reputation of the company.

The most important aspects of brand marketing

In order to carry out a successful brand marketing strategy, it is necessary to take some aspects into account. We explain the key aspects to carry it out:

  1. Identify the audience you are going to target. This is one of the first steps you have to take. In any marketing strategy, not only in this one, it is one of the first things you have to define before starting with other aspects.
    It is not the same to target a young audience than to attract the attention of an adult one. Once you have identified and are clear about the profile of your potential customer, it is time to create one or more profiles of them, or buyer persona. This will be the guide to focus all your strategies on them, because by knowing them, you know their needs, how they think, what they need, etc., and therefore you know how to approach them to reach them.
  2. Send a clear message: Once you have a clear profile of your ideal customer or buyer persona, it is time to move on to the next phase, which is to launch a message to capture their attention.
    This message must be clear, direct and brief, because it is about providing information about your products or services that will capture the audience's interest. If your message is convoluted, you will not succeed and the only thing you will probably do is confuse them. Long and complicated expressions are difficult to understand, distracting and boring for consumers. It is better to focus on a single simple message and repeat it frequently so that the audience does not forget it.
  3. create a bond with the public: it is not only necessary that the public likes your brand, products and services, but you have to go a step further. It is very important that the audience feels that your brand knows them and knows their needs, concerns, doubts, etc. It is about your brand generating a positive feeling in your customers so that they will be loyal to you.
    That is why it is necessary to pay attention to all the elements that make up your brand, the way you communicate, the message, the tone, the creative in general, etc., because it is all these elements that come into contact with the audience.

You have already seen throughout these three key aspects of Brand Marketing that everything revolves around the audience. That is why you should not lose sight of the profile you have created of your buyer persona or ideal customer. Your entire brand, your products and services are aimed at them, if you know their perception it will be easier to focus your strategies to get their attention, to convert them into potential customers.


Fundamental elements within your Brand Marketing

Within your brand marketing strategy there are some key elements that you must create so that your brand is recognised and easily identifiable by the public. Among them are the following:

  1. name: Obviously, when you create a company, the first thing you have to do is to give it a name, a basic aspect since you will be known by it.
  2. corporate identity: You have to be clear about your identity, so that the rest of the elements that make up your brand follow the same line. It is important that you create a guide or manual so that you do not lose this identity and so that all the members that form part of your company or project know it.
  3. logo: The logo is a graphic sign that the public directly identifies with your brand, and it must be distinguishable, legible and outstanding.
  4. corporate colours. Just like the logo, colours are another sign of identity. Identify and define your colours, so that the public immediately identifies them with your brand.
  5. typography: Choosing the font is another visual element that should not be left to chance. Identify which fonts you are going to use, and at what time and place each one goes.
  6. slogan: We already talked about creating a simple message, so that's what the slogan is: a catchy and effective message that the public will recognise your brand when they hear it.

In conclusion, brand marketing is a process that you have to carry out if or if, because thanks to it, you will create a recognisable brand for your public. It is a long and complex process, but the results are worth it and if the strategy is well done, it will provide you with great benefits.

we hope you have enjoyed reading this article and that we have solved your doubts!

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