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can Instagram stories become a marketing opportunity?

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Answering 'no' in the world we live in is almost an impossibility. How many things hasn't the internet made possible? Social networks came on the scene a couple of years ago, and not only that, but over time they have improved their appearance and functionality. Just take a look at the evolution of WhatsApp, whose current application has little to do with the one that was born in its day. Or Instagram, whose stories have not existed since its birth.

what if we take advantage of these advances in our brand?

The most used social network

So say the experts. Instagram has become the most used social network of the moment, a phenomenon that brands have wanted to take advantage of to create their own profile. Of course, the instantaneous way of sharing photos or videos makes it very easy and direct to reach the audience. The options and tools are increasingly innovative, something that companies do not go unnoticed. The social network has taken important steps.

Let's see what it's all about.

Instagram stories in companies

what if we include promotions in our brand's stories? This is the question that some companies began to ask themselves some time ago. This tool has allowed businesses to reach their audience through a new channel. And, even better, it allows the option of recording live videos. Anyone can follow a brand event live.

can you imagine living live, from home, an event of your favourite brand?

Being able to link stories to your own profile or even to your website makes this an increasingly relevant tool for businesses. In short, many companies are using Instagram as part of their marketing strategies.

More than just social media

Social networks play a fundamental role in marketing strategies, in general, and Inbound Marketing, in particular. Not surprisingly, they not only allow you to give more visibility to the content you create, but also to interact by creating conversations. Social networks are not just a channel, but they are the perfect scenario that serves as a mirror of the following elements:

  • Company values.
  • Reputation.
  • Consolidation.
  • Interaction.
  • Interest.
  • Empathy.
  • Needs detector.

As we go deeper into the universe of networks, we are going to differentiate them according to the interest and the type of strategy we want to carry out. In the first place, we find horizontal networks . They are aimed at the user in general, as they do not have a specific theme or interest. In the case of vertical networks, however, the whole theme revolves around an axis of interest.

In short...

10 years ago, nobody could have imagined a marketing strategy as we know it today. The growth of brands today has a lot to do with the use of Inbound methodology and social networks, and these techniques have allowed brands to increase their visibility significantly.

what social networks are you using in your strategy? What is your objective? How are you conveying your brand image? Are you following the behaviour of your competitors? What is your main communication channel? What level of interaction are you getting? Are you achieving the expected results? How are you measuring them?

Start by asking yourself these questions and try to get an objective answer. If you realise, all these actions are also done in our personal lives, as most of you probably have social media profiles. You just have to go one step further to apply them to your online business.

You have a lifetime to dream and very little time to make your dreams come true. Start the countdown.

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