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how to do branding through Instagram reels?

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It's no secret that Instagram is one of the most popular social networks, and over time it has become an ideal tool for digital marketing, advertising and communication.

Instagram reels are the latest novelty of this application, and this functionality was launched to compete directly against Tiktok, which has been growing steadily for the last two years.

In this article we'll tell you how you can do branding thanks to Instagram reels, and don't miss this article to solve all your doubts!

what is branding?

Branding, or brand management, is all the actions related to the positioning, purpose and values of a brand. The objective is to create sensations and a connection with the audience to influence their purchasing decisions. In other words, the aim is to conquer the minds and hearts of the public so that they choose that brand and not another one.

Branding is a process where certain distinctive characteristics are researched, developed and applied to a brand in order to make it unique so that consumers associate those particularities to that particular brand, and therefore to its products and services.

All the actions a brand takes, from the creation of the logo, the choice of corporate colours to the tone of communication, among others, build the brand's personality. It is all these elements that must remain in the consumer's mind.

what are Instagram reels?

Reels are short vertical videos to which filters, effects and music can be added. All these elements can be chosen directly from the Instagram library or the user can create them from scratch. The maximum duration of these videos is 60 seconds. These videos can be published in the reel section itself, in the Instagram feed or in the stories.

Instagram reels are created from the same platform, it is not necessary to download any additional application. The particularity of these short videos is that you can record several seconds and stop the video, which creates a fantastic effect for your pieces.


how to do branding through Instagram reels?

We have already told you that branding means carrying out all the actions related to brand positioning, with the purpose of connecting with the audience. And what better way than social networks for this task.

Instagram has become an ideal place for any company or brand to share its content, products and services, but also the more personal side.

Instagram reels have proven to be useful for companies, as they create content in a dynamic way that not only entertains followers, but also attracts them and brands take advantage of it to expand their reach.

We show you what actions you can take to carry out branding through Instagram's reel tool.

  1. be clear about your target audience. Before starting any strategy on social networks or digital marketing in general, you must be clear about who and how your audience is. It is necessary to create one or more buyer persona profiles, as your publications must be adapted to the profile of your audience, because all actions are aimed and made for them.
  2. Interact with your followers. Reels are a perfect opportunity to interact in a more personal way with your audience. Social networks are an ideal tool to bring your brand closer to your audience.
  3. show the most personal side of your brand. Instagram reels are a perfect opportunity to show tips, how it was done, tell the day-to-day life of the company, even introduce the team. Take advantage of this format to show the closest and friendliest side of your brand.
  4. be creative: the tool itself has filter options, so creating unique pieces is very easy. Branding is the process of building a brand, so it is important not only the content, but also the creativity of your videos. Nowadays there is a lot of competition, if you want to get in touch with the public you have to offer them content that catches their attention and stays in their mind.
  5. create valuable content, if you don't contribute anything to your followers you will go unnoticed, but there are a lot of actions that you can carry out with Instagram reels to make this possible, for example: show your products, make educational content, solve frequently asked questions, etc.
  6. collaborate with the public and influencers. A perfect idea for your branding is to share and generate content from your users. In recent years, it has become clear that large advertising campaigns are no longer as effective, as many people prefer a product recommended by their favourite influencer . You can take advantage of this boom to make videos where you collaborate with them.


Instagram reels were created with the main purpose of competing directly with Tik Tok, but they have become the perfect option to bring your brand closer to the public in a much more original way. Remember that creativity is everything, so explore all the tools and filters that the application itself offers you.

We encourage you to create original, entertaining and thoughtful content for your target audience, so you can differentiate yourself from the competition.

we hope you've enjoyed reading this!

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