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what is affiliate marketing?

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Affiliate marketing or affiliate marketing is a type of marketing in which a producer launches a product on the market and an affiliate in exchange for a commission is dedicated to promote that product within its various channels. Now we tell you more.

how does affiliate marketing work?

The main feature of affiliate marketing is that it uses cookies to securely track information from banners and links that are placed within our affiliates' websites.

This allows us to know when a user has clicked on an advert and also where, as all information related to the visitor's browser is stored.

¿En qué consiste el marketing de afiliación?       

what are the types of promotion that exist in affiliate marketing?

  1. Cost per click (CPC): The affiliate is paid per click, which means that the affiliate is paid every time a user clicks on the banner or advertisement in question, so the affiliate's remuneration depends on the performance of the advertiser's campaign.
  1. Cost per action (CPA): Within the cost per action, the affiliate is only remunerated if users click on the advertisement and then perform some action on the landing page of the advertisement, be it a purchase, a registration or a quote. In this case it is no longer sufficient to show your advertisement, but the affiliate must show the benefits of the product, using his influence and convincing his followers that the offer is reliable and that they should get it.
  1. Cost per thousand impressions (CPM): In this strategy, the advertiser pays a fixed amount to the affiliate when the banner reaches a thousand views. This is beneficial for the affiliate who has a lot of hits, as they will be paid on a recurring basis.
  1. Cost per sale (CPV): In thiscase, the affiliate will only receive the commission if the link shared by the affiliate generates sales. This is a very good option if you are a small producer.
  1. Website/Blog: This is a great advantage as the affiliate has great freedom when it comes to writing, in addition to the great customisation options they have. Having a blog also benefits us when it comes to persuading your readers, as what you are achieving is reinforcing your authority in this area.
  1. Google Ads: This is one of the most effective channels when it comes to selling. Thanks to this tool, you will be able to reach your target audience thanks to relevant ads that you can show at a specific time and moment. Likewise, it also helps a lot to generate traffic and targets.
  1. Social networks are the most used channels to promote products and services and bring very beneficial results in sales. The most used networks for this are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. Its reach is much greater than other strategies.
  1. E-mail marketing: The affiliate has an e-mail base where they build a long-term relationship with their leads, to whom they deliver quality content and convince them to buy. It is a very simple strategy that ends up being really effective, you just add an element of value to your potential customers, such as content that is useful to them when it comes to satisfying their needs .

¿En qué consiste el marketing de afiliación?       

5 key principles to success in affiliate marketing

  • Be transparent: To create a good relationship between advertiser, affiliates and consumers, all parties need to be clear about the terms of that relationship, and ultimately it is the advertiser's responsibility to ensure that this transparency is in place.
  • Look for relevance - there is no point in working with lots of affiliates if what they have to offer is not relevant to the advertiser's target customers. You need to research your audience and your potential affiliates to find a good match between the two.
  • Use credible sites- if your ads are shown on sites that are not credible, that lack of credibility will rub off on your brand, so before you enter into a relationship with an individual affiliate or network, research them thoroughly and make sure you check what kind of sites your advertising will be shown on.
  • Avoid intrusive advertising - affiliate marketing does not have to be synonymous with low quality advertising. If the links to your products and services are wrapped in content that provides real value to the user, you have a lot to gain in terms of building a good relationship with them.
  • Work in the long term. If you focus on immediate results, you are much more likely to fall into tactics that do not contribute anything to your brand. Focus on finding quality affiliates and take care of your relationship with them step by step. You will see how the investment of doing things right always ends up being worth it.

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