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how to make an institutional video?

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The growth of brands is not the product of chance. It is not only the product of ideas and effort. It is also the result of a commitment transformed into action that knows no limits. The achievement of objectives speaks of this commitment shared by all those who collaborate in the companies on their path towards excellence, efficiency and growth.

can you imagine telling your stakeholders what your company does, what is its long-term perspective, its philosophy, its achievements... The institutional video is the ideal piece to tell your employees, suppliers, customers or other users.

do you want to know how to make your own? Come and don't miss it.

Steps to follow to make your institutional video

The initiative to have an institutional video often makes companies rush and the result is a video that does not squeeze all the potential of the business and they do not take full advantage of it. If you add to this that the piece may have very dense information, it is unlikely to generate results in your audience.

So that you don't find yourself in a similar situation, we advise you to make a creative development, with attractive images and a flat voice-over. Show your company with its best face. Tell the public what your business is about, what its perspective is, what the facilities are like, its essence..

Here are 11 steps:

  1. The message: Think about what you want your audience to know about the company. If the video is going to be created by an external agency, it is important that you detail in the briefing the objectives, the budget, the target audience, the description of the brand, the specific needs, etc. To get your message across, it is vital to have some key ideas.
  2. The objective- it's not enough to say 'I want to sell this product', your marketing team needs to strategise how to deliver these points to the filmmaker and make it easier for the video to achieve the objectives.
  3. Style: Describe how you imagine your institutional video. There are different styles (with real images, testimonials, with actors, with voice-over...).
  4. Pre-production: If you have done a good job of planning, you already have half of the video done. In this phase you must establish a filming plan, dates, schedules, selection of personnel, material, etc.
  5. Get to know the company and the products or services it offers. There is no better way to tell a story than by getting to know the protagonist: the client.
  6. The client: If the video is finally going to be made by an external agency, it is important that you maintain communication with them at all stages of the video: pre-production, shooting and post-production. The more involved you are in the project, the more likely you are to get the desired results.
  7. The images: If you hire an audiovisual production specialist, you won't have to worry about anything. He will know how to record the best images, use the right shots and light each scene with the right material.
  8. Approximate length: Don't get too long, the recommended average is between 2 and 3 minutes .
  9. Voice-over: A professional voice-over artist is the best person to do the voice-over that will accompany your video. Choose the most appropriate voice for your project. Is it going to be a voice-over or a simple interpretation? Male or female voice?
  10. Music: It is important to take the time to find the music that best suits the images and the rhythm of the video .
  11. Post-production: This is the time to choose the best shots that have been recorded, make sure that the rhythm fits perfectly with the images, retouch colours, levels and contrasts, control the audio (voices and music), use sound effects or filters, etc.

Your responsibility as a company is not only to hire the people who are going to make the video, but to assign a person to be involved in the whole project and to transmit the needs that the company wants to cover. It is essential to do the planning together with the filmmakers.

Audiovisual marketing has landed in all sectors, which is why more and more brands need to create their own. Show all the corners of your company while increasing your business opportunities!

what are you going to tell in your company video?

This is the main question of our piece: the message. If we start with a clear idea, the path will be much easier.

The corporate video is the right place to tell your audience what you have achieved as a company, what your brand is like (inside and out), why it is where it is, what its spirit is and the challenges it will face from now on. It is a great opportunity to show your audience the results you have achieved thanks to the daily effort you have made to turn every promise into reality. Only work turns every goal into constant actions, driven by an attitude of improvement.

If you have this clear, you will already have a very important part of the video done, and the best way to check its success is to verify if it fulfils the objective for which it was created (to sell, to inform, to convert...).

learn how to communicate a persuasive message to those who need the solution you offer!

So how do you get the word out about your institutional video?

Yourcompany'sblog and social networks are the perfect scenario to make your audiovisual content fly. They are very powerful interfaces to disseminate your institutional video and get straight to the brain of your audience. It will capture their attention and they will share it easily, improving your positioning in search engines .

Publish it on your own website, you will improve your conversion rate and brand presence. Do it also in your email marketing campaigns, you won't know how efficient it can be until you try it. Don't you find it a nightmare to receive long emails from brands trying to sell you something? It's the same for your customers. With video, you capture their attention in no time. Easy and entertaining.

Spread it on your social networks, the biggest place to promote your audiovisual pieces and get the best results. If you manage it well, you can get impressive results. And remember to post it on YouTube, thousands of eyes go through it every day.

Video marketing helps you to promote your business, because it is the most shareable format on the internet, it increases the time users spend on your website, it positions you in Google, it enriches your users' experience and it is more convincing than any other format. If you want your audience to remember everything you have to tell them, the visual format is your place.

take a risk and innovate!

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