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what is a topic cluster?

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The topic cluster is a term used in marketing to segment the information given on a website. With this resource, the aim is to group or label the content that you want to promote; products, services or concepts related to your trade. By publishing blogs on these topics, you increase your production and improve the relationship with the algorithm. A topic cluster is understood as an organisation that allows you to structure the content according to a main topic and link it to other content derived from that topic. It works as a label within the software of a company's website.

This term is related to the concepts of pillar page and landing page. Pages that act as a base and consist of specific topics that are developed in the content strategy - all topics covered in more detail in the cluster content should be included in this pillar page, linked to other pages. If you want to know more about pillar pages, continue reading our blog .

The word topic means theme and cluster means group. Literally, the term refers to the organisation of groups of topics, with other related topics coming from the main theme. Digital marketing is constantly changing, so it is necessary to look for new strategies to adapt. The algorithm is a tool that greatly influences this discipline - more and more technologies are emerging that modify the configurations and possibilities of dialogue between brands and their audiences - and search engine optimisation is constantly being sought.

how do I optimise my strategy with the topic cluster?

One of the most important phases in the implementation of an Inbound Marketing strategy is audience segmentation. However, it is not just a matter of grouping the audience, but also the content. For this purpose, the topic cluster tool has been developed.

Good organisation is a characteristic that your website must have, to make the algorithm's task easier. Search engines are constantly evolving to offer users better quality content. For this reason, the algorithm is constantly changing, to determine the best pages to search. Companies and digital marketing professionals must stay at the forefront of the latest market developments to achieve increasingly better results in this competitive environment.

This method of organisation tries to position keywords in a very simple and logical way that results in meeting the search needs of users. It improves search performance, as it is a way to improve the SEO positioning of a concept.

Topic clustering is a type of content organisation, created by HubSpot based on the observation of how online searches are performed and how search engines respond to changes in those queries. It is in this context that the topic clustering methodology was born, a way to organise the problems to be solved by the site.

This useful strategy, in addition to working with good positioning, benefits both the user experience and the experience of search engine algorithms. The topic clustering method is a method for organising content on a website or blog.

6 Benefits of topic clustering

  • Increases organic traffic

Organic traffic is understood as free access to web pages. In the online world, traffic is one of the main objectives, because the more visits, the more likely it is to generate sales. Organic traffic provides more transparency for businesses and increases digital engagement. With a good organisation of content, users are more likely to find your site because it is a way to organise keywords.

  • Increase website authority

Authority is one of the key values in any SEO strategy. It corresponds to the relevance of the domain or web page in relation to the other pages. Through this indicator we get the improvement of our organic positioning in various search engines.

  • Keeps users on your site longer and improves user experience

With a well organised and tidy website, the customer will enjoy their time browsing the web, so they will stay longer and feel comfortable during their search.

  • Educate future leads

Or the same - readnuturing - educating or maturing your subscribers. An automated marketing technique that consists of training contacts who visit your website to guide them through the sales funnel. To meet the conversion rate you must stay with the subscriber until the sale and beyond to create a strong bond of loyalty.

  • Quality content

Content has now become a major asset that can attract a well-defined target audience. It clears the doubts of users and manages to personalise the sales process for each particular customer, even generically. Quality content should always be at the top of organic search.

  • Generate qualified leads

Lead nurturing is a technology that allows us to optimise and automate our subscribers' journey through the sales funnel so that contacts receive the emails they need to read at the right time to achieve our business goals.

The topic cluster benefits the profitability of the website. It increases engagement and SEO positioning - thanks to the possibility of covering important and quite broad topics - which happens to the emergence of relative topics, which are grouped into smaller and specific topics called clusters.

Topic clusters are an excellent way to organise your content so that the SERP (Search Engine Results Page) does not display content that has keywords that are not actually being searched for. This tool helps to make search more specific, thus simplifying customer navigation.

Topic sets redistribute the web architecture to link to a single column page that comprehensively summarises the topic content. This allows the algorithm to scan the information and understand that there are semantic relationships between the page content, improving the navigability of web pages and allowing users and search engines to easily find the content that is being searched for.

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