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what could a landing page do for your company?

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They are part of Inbound Marketing strategies and play an important role in this methodology, and have been designed to convert visitors into sales opportunities. Do you already know what we are talking about? We are referring to landing pages, that web place that allows your company to capture information from your visitors through a lead form.

we are ready to tell you about it!

The place where your sales opportunities land

Maybe you have never heard of landing pages, or maybe you have. I don't know, but what I am sure of is that, without their presence, you might never have managed to convert your users into sales opportunities. Imagine for a moment this situation: you read a piece of content, you click on a call to action or CTA and, suddenly, without expecting it, you find yourself in front of a web page that you have reached as a result of your action.

why did you do it, what prompted you to do it? I am sure that your behaviour was triggered by a great content offer that perfectly matches what you need. You decided to fill in a form and give your data in exchange for it. As a prospect, you ended up with the following question: what do I get in exchange for giving information about me?

A digital representation

This is how we could describe landing pages, because they are real digital representations that collect information about a company's potential customers and have become a direct route to building relationships with leads or sales opportunities.

Their objective is totally different from the rest of the pages, and that is that it lies in conversion. Therefore, content strategies are part of this process, because it is from the posts that the journey to the landing pages begins. Remember that the conversion process goes through the following stations: visitors - sales opportunities - customers - promoters. These are the key elements in your landing page:

  • Purpose: this may be to put our effort, effort and focus on the valuable content we offer.
  • Avoid putting links: we will be distracting the visitor from the main purpose. Basic information, such as an image and a form, is sufficient.
  • Aesthetics: if you want the landing page to be key in achieving your objectives, it is necessary to maintain harmony between all the elements of the page.

how do landing pages convert strangers into sales opportunities?

Applying the Inbound methodology is a long process, achieving results is a long process, but what can we do with landing pages, how should we use their elements to get results, what role do they play in the content strategy? We can start by establishing the following steps:

  • Use a clear, concise and action-oriented title, using the word that best suits it.
  • Make it clear what the value of the offer is for our company's potential customers.
  • Eliminate the navigation menu, as we must not forget that our aim is to show a landing page that keeps the visitor focused on the action. It is necessary to get rid of all possible distractions.
  • The length of the form and the information contained in it should match the value of the offer.
  • Share the offer: Adding icons to share it on social networks will open up a range of possibilities for our visitors to spread the information.

Ask yourself the following question: how much is my visitor willing to share with me to get this offer? Try different options and don't be afraid to make a mistake. Remember that nothing takes as long to arrive as what is never started.

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