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In Inbound marketing, content creation is a fundamental marketing concept. In digital marketing, we refer to the creation of texts, articles, images, videos, audio files that provide information or entertainment and meet the specific objectives of attracting web traffic, as well as promoting their distribution on various channels or platforms and attracting users.

We already know how important content marketing is for our strategies to be successful, so it is essential to include graphic resources in our content. Unfortunately, not all companies can count on professional photographers or graphic designers.

That is why, from OCCAM, we want to provide you with tools that allow you to create free resources, without the need to have a background in design. Fortunately, many designers, artists and photographers offer on various pages their content open to the public and available to all users. With this opportunity, it facilitates our projects and marketing campaigns. By adding a graphic resource to our content, we manage to add quality value.

The quality of the resources used guarantees greater engagement, as it can be found by people who are looking for related information. Digital content can be classified in several ways. In principle, the simplest classification is: text, image, audio and video. In this article, we will focus on graphic resources: images and illustrations.

Photographs and illustrations are one of the most used content to make digital content more visual and attractive while improving the user experience. They are also one of the most used resources in social networks to support the text of publications and attract the attention of users. These can be: photos, banners, illustrations, infographics, GIFs or memes.

Most of the sites we recommend have an MIT licence that allows you to use these materials for personal and commercial purposes. However, we always recommend checking the licence that the resource has, unless they have a different type of licence and you need to attribute the material or an update that has been produced. Generally, these sites are not responsible for potential copyright issues with the images or trademarks that appear on the images, so be careful when using them for commercial purposes.

Platforms offering free graphic resources for projects

Website offering a collection of free, original and customisable illustrations licensed from MIT in SVG format. Multiple illustrations on different themes, also has icons.

Dafont is a large library of free fonts. You can search by category, find inspiration or search directly by font name (if you know it). You can download and install them with just a few clicks.

For working on the web, Google has created perfectly optimised online libraries for you to use in your projects for free.

Describing itself as "open source illustrations for any idea you can imagine or create", Undraw is a constantly updated design project by Katerina Limpitsouni consisting of SVG images that you can use completely free of charge, without attribution. It has a very useful category of elements and you can quickly add your own hex codes to customise illustrations for your projects.

Lukasz Adams is a freelance web designer who offers a large number of high quality icons and vector illustrations. These are very original illustrations, organised by theme and completely free for personal or commercial use.

It has a wide range of resources of all types and styles. You can find everything. Of course, keep in mind that these resources are free, but if you use them for commercial purposes, it is necessary to include attribution. Although it can serve as a platform for inspiration.

Tying in with brainstorming, this social network is the ultimate dashboard creator and can serve as a source of inspiration for your future designs.

Fonts, psds, WordPress templates and something very primitive that we don't usually find on other resource sites: CSS snippets.

This is not a resource page, but a page of resource pages. A fantastic opportunity, definitely an important starting point.

A platform with vectorised and modular illustrations of people that you can mix, match, rotate or rearrange. It gives you the possibility to create your own designs. It is also free for personal and commercial use.

It is not really an image gallery, but a search engine for image galleries, where you can find images hosted by the most popular free photo galleries, such as Pixabay or StockSnap.

It is an image library with almost 1,000,000 free images, vectors and illustrations. It has an advantage over the previous ones because it is available in Spanish, so you can search in our language.

A platform with high quality photos for free for any purpose, including commercial use. No gimmicks, no small print; amazing images for creative projects.

High-quality and diverse free resources: textures, brushes, vectors, fonts, mockups and more.

Replaces free content with premium content at very affordable prices. That's interesting.

If you're one of those who switched from Illustrator and Photoshop to Sketch, don't miss the free resources page for this great interface design application.

If the icon you're looking for isn't here, it doesn't exist. Different styles, icons, colours... it should be an exclusive bible for everyone, designers or not.

It has different sections so you can search for the best memes based on a certain topic. Although many of them are in English, we also have many memes and funny videos in Spanish.

As the name suggests, this is a meme site dedicated to sports. The great thing about this site is that every day we see hundreds of memes about news, training or funny matches in the game and much more. It doesn't matter if you are a fan of Real Madrid, Barcelona or any other team.

The BuzzFeed section you'll be taken to is the most interesting and has the most lists. It offers a special portal where you'll see updated funny pictures, funny stories and other things to give you a hand so you don't want to share memes directly on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest and other options.

It has easy options for you to customise your image with funny and creative text that will make an impact on any application you share it with. The community on this free site is one of the largest, so you'll always have great content to laugh at when showing memes to your friends and family.

These are some of the platforms that offer free resources for you to improve your digital strategies. Without being professional designers, you can achieve real wonders with very easy to use tools. Dare to use these platforms and rediscover the magic of digital content!

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