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what tools do I need to generate social media content?

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have you ever felt overwhelmed by the amount of content on the internet? If you're like most marketers, you probably feel like you need to be constantly generating new content to stay relevant. The good news is that, with a little creativity, you can repurpose the content you already have and transform it into fresh new material for your social media channels.

Developing a content strategy is a great way to make your social media look beautiful and get engagement from your audience, and content marketing is rewarded by the algorithm as it has a better SEO ranking.

However, always keeping creative, to adjust that content strategy - in many occasions it can become an ordeal. Therefore, from OCCAM we want to give you recommendations to organise your creative ideas and a series of tools that help you to generate content in your social networks.

Social media content is the way in which users interact with the brand or company through social media platforms. This includes text, images, videos and other elements that are shared on social media. Social media content can also include conversations and the exchange of opinions between users.

Tidiness and cleanliness as keys to increasing your creativity

Creativity is a skill that can be trained. The first thing you can do, if you have run out of ideas, is to listen. Others, ideally completely different, can give you new perspectives and unique ways of looking at the problems you face that you may not have considered. There is nothing wrong with getting ideas from other people, even if they are experts in your field. Creative thinking is distinguished by its ability to add value to information obtained from others.

Being open to new experiences (e.g. learning a new language, meeting new people, trying new foods, being aware of the need to take into account opinions other than our own) means not only a positive attitude towards life, but also an emotional understanding, an infinite thirst for knowledge and a love of differences. We understand the need to step out of our comfort zone.

To introspect who you are and what your strengths are, but most importantly, to be aware of your growth path. Only when you understand who you are and therefore what you are not, you can be who you want to be.

According to the latest research, relaxed people tend to find creative solutions faster. The explanation is that a relaxed mind helps people to "swim" between thoughts instead of falling into linear patterns of analytical thinking, where creative connections are hard to find.

Having a clean and organised space ensures that your ideas will be more orderly, writing down your thoughts and having them always at hand can help you overcome a mental block. Organising your deadlines in calendars helps you to have a comprehensive content strategy, you cannot publish content without meaning. Grouping by colour contributes to the visual order linked to your creativity and motivation.

Applying content to social media

Social media is a great platform for sharing information and connecting with others. If you want to be successful on social media, it is important that you post quality content. This can help you attract more followers and make your brand more visible. To generate good content for social media, you will need a good idea of what you want to post. It will also be useful to research what kind of content is working well for other brands similar to yours.

14 Tools to help you create quality content

There are many tools that can help users create high quality content for their social networks. The tools you will need to generate content for social networks depend largely on what type of content you want to create. Some of these tools are:

  • Canva: a web and mobile application that allows users to create graphics and designs quickly and easily.

  • Photoshop: very useful if you want to create visual content, it is an image editing software.

  • Microsoft Word or LibreOffice Writer: if you want to create written content, use a word processor like these. Another option is Google Documents.

  • Adobe Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro: two different video editing software with a lot of features for making creative videos.

  • Hootsuite: helps you schedule and publish your social media posts.

  • Sprout Social: Social media management, branding and analytics software for businesses, Sprout helps brands connect with customers across social channels, collaborate across teams and measure the effectiveness of their work.

  • Buffer: Buffer is a web and mobile application for managing social media posts.

  • CoSchedule: is an online tool for managing your social media editorial calendar. But it's actually a smart calendar, and you can not only see the planned release schedule, but also schedule and share directly on social media.

  • BuzzSumo: helps you find the most popular content on the internet.

  • Google Trends: allows you to see what topics are being most searched on the internet, which can be useful for generating relevant content for your followers. You can't forget trending content to inspire you.

  • Google Analytics: if you want to know how your audience is behaving in general, then you need to take a look at Google Analytics, which allows you to track your website traffic and analyse the behaviour of your users.

In short, you need high quality content and tools to create and edit images and videos. If you want to be successful with your social media, you need to invest time and effort in creating good content.

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