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Three tools for scheduling posts on linkedin

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Scheduling posts is an excellent strategy for optimising social networks. The daily schedules of users favour an increase in traffic during certain times of the day. This makes them, especially for companies, the most favourable times to publish their posts and thereby reach the greatest number of people with them.

The algorithm of social networks, although constantly changing, prioritises chronological order. Consequently, if the majority of a profile's posts are made when there is not much traffic, these will then be postponed and overtaken by more recent posts at peak times. The ideal time, although not the only one, is 11 a.m. according to Hootsuite. Although this is a generic approximation and the best thing you can do as a corporate profile is to look at your insights from the apps and observe which posts have had the most engagement to draw your own conclusions.

Of course, this is no secret: companies are aware of the most succulent moments to launch their posts, although this is not the only reason to schedule one. The reality is that planning a post on any social network has advantages that go beyond this:

  • It improves the organisation of the company: scheduling content allows you to organise yourself for the future, whereas writing posts at the time of publication means carrying the weight of spontaneity on your back and assuming a greater margin for error.
  • It allows you to prepare your work in advance: this usually translates into higher quality and greater peace of mind.
  • It increases productivity: if a worker has to be available and available to publish posts at a specific time, it is much less useful than if he/she prepares it in advance and then goes on with any other task.

In the case of Linkedin, a professional social network, organisation and structure is crucial, as your profile will be the first thing that companies and clients will see, so scheduling posts can be a good reflection of organisation, seriousness and preparation.

The reality is that some networks such as Twitter do offer internal tools to schedule a post. However, there are also other ways to do it for those social networks that do not have that possibility.


When you publish a new article on your Hubspot page, you can also set up automatic publication on social networks. To do this, your profiles must be linked to the platform. In your list of blog posts, click on the share button and then click on the linkedin icon. From there you can schedule what time you want it to be published, from which account (if you have several) and it will be automatically scheduled. It is also possible to schedule it for later days.

Specialised external sites



This type of site requires you to be an account holder and to purchase a package of those offered. The advantage of these sites is that you can link more than one social network and thus simplify the work of a company. You must select the account from which you want to make the publication, add text and image and, in the bottom left icon, click on the scheduling option, where you can specify date and time.

You can also consult previously scheduled posts to check details and edit them again if necessary, as well as previous schedules. It is also useful, as well as for scheduling, to be able to keep a record of all the posts from your different social networks in the same place.


It is quite similar to Buzzmonitor. It allows you to have a record of what has already been published and what has already been scheduled. To create a publication and leave it scheduled you must click on the pencil icon on the left side. Then, select post and create the publication you had planned.

You can also select from several accounts, add complementary images and links (as well as, of course, the text of the post). You can preview how this post will look on your profile, as the interface of these pages is not the same as that of the social network where it is published.

Then just select the "Schedule for later" option and choose when you want the post to be published.

Hootsuite also gives you the opportunity to invest in you and your posts by spending money on advertising, i.e. they offer to advertise your posts, which is quite beneficial for a company. The different plans they offer range from a single user with 10 profiles to 5 users with 35 social profiles.

The important thing about scheduling is that it provides peace of mind, planning and an image of professionalism which, in a profile such as Linkedin, is highly valued.

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