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Tools to improve customer service on my website

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Customer service in a company is fundamental to its success, so today we are going to tell you about the best tools to optimise your customer service. Pay attention!

what is online customer service?

Online customer service is the process of answering all the questions that customers ask digitally. To respond to these requests, tools such as live chat, social networks, email or messaging applications, among others, are used.

Some of the benefits of customer service are that users will be able to get help immediately and at the time they request it. Moreover, your company's support team will be able to handle these requests in the shortest possible time, while your company reduces waiting times, thus increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Herramientas para mejorar la atención al cliente de mi web  

6 tools to improve your online customer care

The service and quality of customer service is essential to win customers and retain those who are already there, so it's a good idea to invest in tools to help you manage your online customer service. Here are some of these tools:

  1. a live or automated chatbot. A really good and effective way to communicate with customers is through a chatbot.Consumers tend to buy more from a company when support is offered through a live chat, as this tends to generate a great impact on the user experience.Another way to communicate is through a call.Most customers prefer to call rather than communicate online, because they are looking for an answer that is very quick and want to communicate with a real person.Many chatbots offer the option of calling within the same tool.Offer your audience a solution so they can communicate with you, and thus solve the problems they have in just a few minutes.

  2. email and ticket manager: We must not forget the importance of email in online customer service. One reason for users to use email is that it provides greater transparency. The aim is to resolve customer queries and problems as clearly as possible. An email manager will also allow you to assign tickets to users and help you to be more efficient, organised and quicker in your responses.

  3. knowledge base: Nowadays, many people prefer to get information on their own, which is why a knowledge base software will help you organise your self-service customer service much better, so that you can create your own knowledge base, where customers can find the answers they are looking for by themselves.

  4. social media support. One of the criteria for good customer service is accessibility. The best way for your company to achieve this is by making use of omni-channeling. Because the internet is now made up of many independent platforms, you will most likely need a little help managing all your accounts. There are many tools that handle messages coming in from social media in the same way; they work in a similar way to email managers. Ignoring direct messages you receive on social media is not an option, and is a simple and free way to keep an eye on your customers and potential buyers.

  5. video calls: Face-to-face interaction is very important when doing business, so a video call allows you to see your customer's screen and guide them step-by-step to solve their problem, and your agent can take charge of the problem and solve it themselves while the customer watches them do it.

  6. mobile applications: Most companies are always looking for effective ways to connect with their audience. This has made multichannel marketing more powerful, as brands seek to reach people through different media. One of the most appropriate channels to manage your brand is with a customer service application. More and more people are using a smart device, so it will be a great opportunity for your company.

Herramientas para mejorar la atención al cliente de mi web  

We hope these tools will help you to give the best possible service to your customers. You can start with a couple of them and build up to try to have all of them in use. Thank you very much for reading us!

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