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The ingredients of Occam, your Inbound agency

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We are innate dreamers driven by the spirit of novelty. We like challenges and working side by side to get good results for our clients. That's why we are no longer just VIDEO and SOFTWARE. We are also INBOUND. We love games, and at Occam we make up a three-piece puzzle perfect for 21st century brands: Inbound Marketing, Audiovisual Production and Software Development. Over the last year, our digital agency has taken the leap towards the Inbound methodology, offering our clients a much more complete and comprehensive portfolio of services.

we are going to tell you what are the ingredients of our agency in terms of Inbound Marketing.

Occam, a digital agency in Madrid with a lot of flair

When it comes to cooking dishes to taste, salt is a must. As professionals with experience in the application of Inbound strategies, we firmly believe in destiny: potential customers and brands end up meeting. But following a series of steps. When we start working with a new client, this happens:

  • We define their buyer persona (your company's potential customer).

The first step to reach a certain audience is to be clear about who you are targeting, to know them in depth, don't you think? The buyer persona is in charge of gathering all this information through a series of questions that we define in a template:

  • Demographic information (age, location, gender, salary).
  • General profile (job, education, family).
  • Objectives and responsibilities.
  • how do you measure your success?
  • Industry and company size.
  • what type of online content do you read?
  • who do you report to? Who reports to you?
  • what are your concerns?
  • what are your challenges?
  • how do you make purchasing decisions?
  • what social platforms do you empathise with?

Inbound Marketing techniques are used to capture the attention of the public and educate them to find you. Do you want to reach CEOs of large companies? The buyer persona will be the fictitious representation of them and is of vital importance for every action we put in place within the strategy (writing posts, creating content offers, sending newsletters, etc.). Make sure you always have it at hand. Finally, we will integrate this information into the HubSpot platform, the CRM we work with.

The information contained in the buyer persona will guide all the content production, personalisation and actions of your Inbound strategy.

  • Content creation focused on each stage of the Buyer's Journey.

Don't despair if it takes a little longer for your company's products or services to be contracted. The user needs time and you must remember that the Inbound methodology is not a quick purchase cycle. It requires the user to become aware of the problem or need, research the different options, consult, etc. However, some customers have a defined sales cycle as soon as they know they are going to apply the methodology. See which are the stages of this journey:

  1. Discovery (and learning).

The user has arrived as a visitor to your website, but is still not sure whether they have a problem or a business opportunity. Your goal in this phase is to attract more visitors and arouse interest with valuable content. Don't worry too much; if they are a potential customer and your content works, they will move on to the next phase. Examples of posts to create in this first stage: The role of technology in the growth of companies, 3 reasons to keep up with the latest developments..

Remember: No commercial intent!

  1. Consideration (identification of some solutions).

Think that at this stage, the person is already assessing some options to solve their problem and is evaluating some alternatives to solve it. They will be aware that there is a solution to their problem, but they are not yet thinking about solving it. At this point, and usually, they have already narrowed down their options to 2 or 3 and are investigating each of them in more depth (making comparisons, looking at the pros and cons). They may even already have some commercial interest. What posts can you generate at this stage? 2 instruments to increase sales in your company, 7 tools to make your website successful..

  1. Decision (got it!).

The user is already comparing the different brands on the market and will evaluate the product or service that best suits their context. Therefore, at this stage it is important to highlight the differentiating characteristics of the solutions, as well as their value. The content to publish in this phase: Digital marketing, the solution to position your brand; X solution to get X thing..


It is advisable to offer quarterly content focused on each of the stages: eBooks, guides, whitepapers, etc.

Just a year ago, HubSpot introduced a new and disruptive concept in the marketing and sales sector: the flywheel. It is the new way of approaching the journey, beyond the usual conversion funnel. Flywheel is different, it gives more importance to aspects related to user loyalty and the possibility of them continuing to buy our products or services.

What this new concept tells us is that the relationship with the customer does not end when they make a purchase, but that we must take care of them in order to maintain a long-term relationship and make them come back to us whenever they need to.

  • We rely on HubSpot, one of the benchmark software in Marketing Automation.

At Occam we follow the path of the Inbound methodology supported by CRM software such as HubSpot. It is important to set SMART objectives, that is: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-bound. An Inbound campaign that meets these five objectives will help achieve the goals we want to achieve with our marketing actions. A bad example of a SMART objective: Improve web visits. A good example of a SMART objective: Increase web traffic by 40% (from 1,000 to 1,400 visits per month) by February 2020.

Other general objectives of the Inbound strategy can be: increase conversions to end customer, taking into account the context, the buyer's journey, the actions to be implemented (segmenting and classifying the user according to the predisposition to purchase and through lead scoring actions, lead qualification, classification and scoring; and lead nurturing, sending personalised emails); improve brand awareness; build customer loyalty, etc.

  • We act on different channels of attraction.

Remember that in the definition of the buyer persona we have collected information about the type of online content that our potential customer reads and the platforms with which they empathise. Depending on this data, we will carry out actions in some channels or others, such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram.

The search and purchase process often begins with a simple internet search, so it is necessary to study the keywords that the user searches for a product or service. After the search, they wait for the results that can solve their doubts. So, in Inbound Marketing it is of vital importance to have a presence on the Internet (website, social networks), the place where your potential customers move. If you still do not know how HubSpot can help your business, we encourage you to discover it by clicking on this link.

if you have any doubts about the process, don't worry, Occam is here to help you!

Occam, your digital agency in Madrid

We have many more ingredients to show you, driven by enthusiasm, desire and motivation to help you achieve your goals. Since we began our journey in the Inbound methodology, we help our clients to stay close to the user in their buying process, accompanying, preparing and maturing them towards the final goal: the sale of a product or service.

what did you think of this post? Did you know about this process? Do you still not know if you need a strategy of this kind? Occam may be the Inbound agency you are looking for. We would love to answer all your questions.

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