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The "brand love" strategy - all you need to know

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In the world of customer engagement, it is common to hear that companies want to transform their brands into brand love.

what is brand love?

A brand love is a brand that attracts and engages customers and that generates such a strong attraction in consumers that the purchase of their products is not just because they are preferred but because they are "loved".

Brands need loyal consumers, who speak well of them, who recommend their products to their friends and family. They need brand lovers. Every Inbound Marketing strategy must have a space for brand lovers. They know that they add value to the brand and that their presence adds value to the brand.

what exactly are brand lovers? Brand lovers are customers who always choose the same brand when buying a product. Why? Because they are users who are emotionally linked to that brand.

Apple, for example, is an example of a brand that cultivates this brand love strategy with its customers.

brand lovers

what characterises a brand lover?

The emotional connection that a brand lover feels for a brand has certain characteristics. Clearly, one of the key and characteristic points of this strategy is that when it comes to consuming a product or service, a brand lover will always choose their brand love over their competition.

  • They do not look at the price

Brand lovers do not pay attention to price, they opt for other qualities offered by the product of their beloved brand rather than opting for a lower price. Their emotional ties to the brand love always prevail.

  • They balance negative comments

Brand lovers minimise the repercussions of some negative comments that their beloved brand may receive. They have already deployed their argument in favour of your brand before you can give any explanation.

This is very useful, because when a problem arises with your brand, your loyal customers will be there to stand up for you and your reputation will be less affected. Football club fans are a clear example of this.

  • They buy everything related to your brand

It's not just about buying the products or services in your catalogue, they are looking for the uniqueness you can provide them with, like collectors' items or merchandising, within your brand.

what about Star Wars brand lovers?

  • They seek novelty

Your brand must be constantly reinventing itself, bringing out new products, to keep your brand lovers. If your offer becomes obsolete, they will look for another brand to adore that offers them more diversity.

  • They need a direct line of communication with the brand.

Brand lovers want to be listened to, they want communication between brand and customer without intermediaries, they need a close relationship with their brand love so that they feel part of it and know that it is transparent and sincere with them.

Paying attention to the requests of your brand lovers and maintaining a good relationship is essential for these loyal customers to continue appreciating your brand. The emotional connection as it was created can fade so do not underestimate them because they are of maximum interest to your business and bring you closer to your goals.

And now you're wondering, how do I get this kind of audience for my brand? Here are the steps to follow to earn the right to brand love.

how do you get customers to become brand lovers?

1.Find your potentialbrand lovers

The first step is to get down to work to find out where your unconditional lovers are. To do this, our recommendation is that you monitor certain things:

    • First of all, hashtags and social media posts related to your brand. See how much your business is being talked about and who is interacting. Take into account the type of posts, tone and sentiment.

    • Have alerts for your brand name and products, so you can easily see which users are repeatedly talking about your brand in a positive tone or simply searching for it.

Once you have done this step, it is interesting to assess which brand lovers can give you more play when it comes to promoting your brand. To do this, you will have to make an analysis of each user based on the following parameters:

    • The influence on social networks of the people who promote you, you can use tools such as Followerwonk, where you should take into account both the number of followers and their level of interaction with other users.

    • Their involvement with the brand: how they describe your brand to their audience, in what tone and with what sentiment, and how many times they mention your products and services in networks.

    • The quality of the content they publish and their ability to communicate. The ideal brand lover is the one who publishes quality content that also fits the buyer persona you have defined in your marketing strategy.

2. Take care of your brand lovers

Offering a good service is something very important, but we are not always able to give it. The treatment and attention are essential for your customer to feel that you take into consideration their requests. If you want to keep them, you will have to take care of the relationship with them in the long term:

    • Acknowledge your brand lovers. Let them know you appreciate them. Thank them for speaking well of you and offer them ways to keep in touch, as well as offering them exclusive promotions through VIP treatment.
    • Have channels to talk directly to them and be transparent and honest, so your brand lovers feel heard and valued .
    • Don't let your brand lovers get bored. The key word when it comes to generating and building loyalty with your brand lovers is "emotions". Innovate to generate a greater emotional connection between your loyal customers.

3. Give a touch of exceptionality to your marketing strategy

Make your brand lovers feel proud to be your consumers, so they will want to keep buying only from you. It is important that you make your brand lovers fall in love not only with your products, but also with everything that goes with them, for example with your packaging, the way you present them or the shipping procedures. Give them a plus.

As you have seen, there is a lot of common sense in this strategy. What you should bear in mind is to give the best of your company. If you are looking for love, give love first. Keep these tips in mind when it comes to turning your customers into brand lovers, so you will achieve a much more solid market and a better recognised brand image.

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