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Steps to sell on Marketplace

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the first thing is to have a product to sell, the second is to promote yourself on the ideal Marketplace.

And now that you know this, we are going to share with you the steps to sell in a Marketplace or virtual business model. It is a very useful resource for all those businesses that want to take advantage of and boost sales through the Internet. Unlike online shops, they are authentic online shopping centres.

do you want to know how they work and how to sell in them, their main advantages and the most promising marketplaces of 2021? Join us and don't stay with a thorn in your side.

First of all, what is a Marketplace?

It is a platform that allows you, as a seller, to offer your products to a community of potential buyers, and to buy them, as a consumer. It can be designed in a simple way, which allows you to be a digital entrepreneur and get incentives that otherwise involve very high costs. In short, a Marketplace gives you the opportunity to develop and grow your small business.

It is a great alternative for all those sellers who do not yet want to get involved in designing a website with a shopping cart. It is something like a shopping mall, where you walk in and see a lot of people walking down the aisles between a lot of shops, but on a virtual level. In the Marketplace, supply and demand converge and interact.

There are very popular platforms internationally, such as AliExpress, eBay or Mercado Libre. Who doesn't want to be present on a platform that, until a couple of years ago, sold up to half of all e-commerce in the world?

However, there are more and more local platforms, such as Compre Pyme or La Pulpe, where you can upload photos of your products so that people can get to know your business, so marketplaces are a great alternative for you to have an online presence without having your own website.

You will pay a commission, yes, but your brand will increase its online presence.

how to sell your products in a Marketplace? 7 steps

In 2020, users shopped more online than ever before, a trend that has been extended to 2021 and beyond. Faced with this behaviour, many businesses have decided to launch e-commerce for the first time or diversify their sales channels (multi-channel).

The eyes have turned to online shops and marketplaces, and it is no wonder, as most online shoppers look to large virtual shopping malls, such as Amazon. Perhaps, this is the place where your potential customers are looking for you.

That's why we want to share with you some tips and steps to sell on Marketplace:

  1. Know and analyse your customers well. What are their needs? Where do they live? Where do they look for you from? Which channels do they empathise with? The user is the king of the strategy, so you must design consultation and purchase processes that are as clear and comfortable as possible for consumers. Making your products findable quickly is the first step to sell on Marketplace.
  2. Pay attention to specialised marketplaces. The marketplace ecosystem is starting to divide the shopping experience according to audience segments or product niches, such as Newegg, which focuses on selling electronics, and Etsy, which focuses on handmade products.
  3. Makethe leap to automation: Don't be afraid to implement tools that facilitate the work of sales in the different channels, for example, a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) or a MIP (Product Information Management).
  4. Optimise for SEO: The boost you get from ads doesn't mean you have to put aside your SEO efforts. In fact, you should join forces to attract more traffic. The content you offer about your products, originality and creativity have a lot of weight in your SEO.
  5. Opt for advertising, but don't overdo it... Google Ads and Facebook Ads are a classic in the face of marketplace advertising. Did you know that half of the results on a search page are sponsored products? Doesn't that seem like a good enough reason to invest in advertising?
  6. Pay attention to voice searches. More and more consumers are searching using voice commands. Think of Siri or Alexa, for example. People don't speak as well as we write, so it is important to think carefully about the product information to be read by bots.
  7. Opt for an omnichannel strategy: this is the evolution of multichannel, the centre of the strategy is placed on the user and the opportunity to manage all the channels where you are present from a single site.

If we talk about Facebook Marketplace, for example, the process is simple:

  • Click on Marketplace in the left menu on Facebook.
  • Click on + Sell something, and click on Sale item.
  • Choose a title for the ad, along with the location, category and price.
  • Upload a photo of your product.

Easy, right? The process to sell your products depends on each Marketplace. On Amazon, for example, you need to register as a seller, set up your account and add your products to the inventory. If we are talking about eBay, you need to go to any Marketplace page or go to Sell your item. You create the listing, confirm your details and add the automatic payment method of your choice.

Advantages of being present on a Marketplace

As a result of selling your products on a Marketplace, and applying the step-by-step process to achieve it, you will increase your sales, reduce costs, generate greater confidence and facilitate the internationalisation of your business.

if you want to know more details about how to sell your products in a Marketplace, do not hesitate to call us and ask all your questions.

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