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Tips on how to make a good corporate video

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A company video is defined as a marketing tool in which audiovisual material is used to promote a product, to explain how a service works, to attract the attention of users, etc. It is important to create a good company video, so today we give you a few tips so you can get down to work.

Tips for making a company video

-The video should be short, usually between one and three minutes.
-Make a preliminary analysis. The company must assess what it wants to reflect. That is, although all videos have some common objectives, the way to achieve them may be different. The key is that the creative team behind the production of the video has all the information of the company to make the most of what will be its letter of introduction.
-Take into account the audience: the company must not only be clear about the values it wants to transmit, but also about who it is going to address.
-Organise your time: the best way to do this is to have a calendar or timing that not only indicates dates and deadlines but also what is going to be needed to achieve the objectives set in a certain period of time.
-Create a simple video, clearly define the message and avoid excessive data and information so as not to tire the viewer.
-Keep an eye on quality: inaddition to the message, it is vitally important to carry out a good recording, editing and subsequent editing, as well as paying special attention to other aspects such as lighting, voice-over, music, effects and transitions, images and resources, etc. Try to emote: make it emotional
-Try to excite. Just because it is simple does not mean that it does not have to excite the users. What is more, reaching the audience and getting them excited is synonymous with success, as this will not only ensure that the message is not forgotten, but also that an image of value of the company or brand is created in the minds of everyone.
-The importance of dissemination: Nowadays, any corporate video must be designed to be disseminated through different platforms. Partner networks have become a fantastic means of dissemination and a great opportunity to reach the audience. For this reason, it is advisable to think about which platforms will be used and even consider the possibility of adapting the video to the needs of each one of them.

Trucos para elaborar un buen vídeo de empresa

Advantages of using a corporate video

  1. increased traffic: One of the main benefits of using corporate videos in your company is a significant increase in traffic. Given that video is responsible for two thirds of Internet traffic, it is more important than ever to include corporate videos in your marketing plans.
  2. more shares - Once you've published video content on your website, start posting your videos on popular social media platforms like Facebook or YouTube. This can be a great way to attract new customers to your brand.
  3. Better SEO ranking - Another benefit of using corporate video is that your business will appear higher in search engines than those that don't. Your customers are more likely to find your site first, i.e. above your competitors. Equally, make sure you post regular videos on your website to keep your company page in one of the top results.
  4. Create better brand awareness. The messages your company displays in your video content should be informative, engaging and eye-catching for all consumers. Visual elements can make all the difference and keep viewers engaged rather than having to sift through large amounts of text.
  5. Endless possibilities. One of the main reasons companies choose to use corporate video is because the possibilities are endless. Also, don't forget that making and producing your own videos should be a fun experience.
  6. It's economical: Producing a high quality video does not require expensive equipment. You can get cheap tools online to generate videos, as well as software to edit these videos.
  7. Effective communication: In the case of video, its greatest strength lies in the fact that it can communicate a message to viewers through a variety of different methods. One example is that the actors in the video can address the viewers directly or they can communicate their message in some visual way. Another example is the use of a voice-over while the characters act on the screen.

Trucos para elaborar un buen vídeo de empresa

Remember that with the use of corporate video you will increase traffic to your website, improve your SEO positioning and create awareness of your brand. What are you waiting for to put it into practice?

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