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What is an application development consultancy for?

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have you ever felt frustrated because you don't know how to turn your ideas into reality?

We understand: ideas are the basis of every project and initiative. They drive development and growth, and they are the foundation of a world that is constantly growing at the pace of new technologies. Having an idea is not easy, but developing it is even less so.

That's why we believe that today is a good day to talk to you about consultancy as a first step to start shaping the products of your imagination. Consultancy is usually a service provided by people who have specialised knowledge in an area. They are able to identify opportunities and design the mostdirect pathto your goals.

could we say that it is a kind of guide? Maybe yes. At Occam we are convinced that, in many businesses, it is important to have an advisor to identify those aspects that are out of our hands. Analyse and transmit, that is their philosophy. Below we are going to talk to you about consultancy in the range of mobile applications.

will you join us?

Methodology in the development of mobile applications

did you know that most of the mobile applications you use have started their development through a consultancy? That's right. Those in charge of creating applications and translating ideas into reality must have an established methodology that does not skip any of the following steps:

  1. CONSULTANCY: If necessary, we sit down with you to advise you and begin to give shape to those ideas that are going around in your mind.
  2. PLAN: We know that every project has a plan, that's why we are ready to draw up the briefing and lay the technical foundations before we start to give it shape.
  3. DESIGN: It's time to study the UI and UX, adapting them to your App, because we don't want to miss anything.
  4. DEVELOPMENT: We want to materialise your project by complying with the specifications set out in the briefing, as this is our main source of information.

do you have any doubts? Don't worry, we are aware that the development of ideas and their translation into reality is a process that takes time. Nobody said that making decisions was easy. That is why we encourage you to take all the time in the world and go to a consultancy if you think it is necessary. Don't have any doubts, because your project can be a success.

what are the advantages of going to a consultancy?

Of all the processes that exist in the development of an application, today we want to highlight that of consultancy because it is a first step that reflects awareness. Being aware that we need something is the main trigger for action, and the advantages of consultancy are reflected in the following points:

  • It is in charge of transforming a promise into a reality and is born out of the relationship between the consultant and the client. If you are going to work together, you are likely to share a lot of time working hard, a point that reflects the commitment between both of you.
  • Personalised attention:Each case and each client is a different world, which is why we all deserve individualised treatment in consultancy. Your case will be analysed and resolved according to your specific needs.
  • If there is one thing that characterises professional consultants, it is their extensive experience in a given sector. They are able to study, analyse, listen and clearly see how your company works and the direction it should take. They are the right person to guide your idea along the company's line.
  • Global vision: Advisors or consultants are people with specialised knowledge in your field. They know exactly the market in which you operate and, therefore, they are able to identify its opportunities and strengths.
  • Theycan create native applications. Their knowledge allows them to do so, which makes the interaction of the software with the hardware of the device straightforward, allowing for a performance of 10.

These are just some of the many advantages of consultancy services in mobile application development.

do you want to realise your idea?

what is the ultimate goal?

Both consultant and client must be very clear about their objectives in order to walk in line and without interference. The main objective of the former is to achieve greater performance, seeking maximum user satisfaction and having a direct and positive impact on their business. The quality of performance and design are two fundamental pillars to achieve both goals.

are you willing to bet on versatility in your application?

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