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Sales techniques through inbound marketing

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Inbound marketing is a business methodology that consists of attracting customers by creating valuable content and tailor-made experiences. Basically, it provides customers with elements that allow them to achieve their goals at each and every stage of their journey with your company.

By following this methodology, companies set in motion a virtuous circle in which customers amplify the reputation of their brand, reaching even more people. In this way, inbound marketing strengthens a company's online presence, positions a company at the top of mind in its category, consolidates long-lasting business relationships and generates more leads, more sales opportunities and more profitability.

There are three ways to apply the inbound methodology: attract, which consists of capturing the attention of the right people with valuable content; interact, that is, offer people information and solutions that take into account their needs and objectives to increase the likelihood that they will buy your products and services; and delight, or in other words, provide customers with the help and tools to enable them to achieve success through their effective purchase.

Técnicas de venta a través del inbound marketing

what techniques exist in inbound marketing?

Although there are numerous ways to achieve sales through inbound marketing, today we are going to talk about the most important ones.

1) Content marketing: It is necessary to understand who is behind the screen to get to know them and understand what kind of content they need, when they need it and in what format. Therefore, content marketing is a way to provide value, as well as being an opportunity for the whole team.

There are different types of content, from blogs to podcasts or infographics, and to make them known it is important to have a good management of social networks, send newsletters by mail, hold events, etc.

2) SEO: No matter how much good content we have, it is useless if we are not positioned in the first results of Google search engines.

3) Techniques to capture leads: Once we have managed to attract traffic to our website, it is essential to offer more quality content. You can also use elements such as forms, CTAs or Chatbots.

4) Automation techniques: One of the basic pillars of Inbound Marketing is automation, and especially those actions that have to do with direct communication with the user. We will try to automate all communication with them so that they can receive relevant information when they need it.

5) Lead scoring and Lead nurturing: After having converted anonymous users into registrations or leads, it is time to follow their traces on the website, blog, social networks and even email, to monitor indicators such as the time spent on the page or the type of content they visit the most. After retrieving all this information, it is time to nurture the lead, through highly personalised content and in tune with the stage they are in.

Técnicas de venta a través del inbound marketing

Basic tips for implementing an inbound marketing strategy

Now that you know some of the most effective inbound marketing techniques, it is importantthat you know how to apply them effectively in your digital strategy, so here are some tips:

  • Establish the objectives: This step is essential to identify and be clear about the objectives we are going to pursue before getting started. We must align these objectives with the overall strategy of the company, since inbound marketing has a scope that affects almost its entire structure.

  • Know your buyer persona: It is essential to know perfectly the needs of the customers we are trying to reach and to correctly establish the keywords with which we are going to try to contact them through our content.

  • Connect with your users. Blogs are one of the main tools through which it is easier to reach our users, so they are an essential element in an inbound marketing strategy. In the same way, social networks should be a fundamental part of our strategy. They are the ideal channel to increase the dissemination of our content and interact with our users.

  • Optimise your website for conversion. One of the main shortcomings observed in the inbound marketing strategies of many companies and organisations is the inadequate optimisation of their online sites. Having a well-structured, agile and accessible website can be an advantage in terms of the image that the user forms of our company.

  • Do not focus only on attracting customers: the process of attracting new users is important in our inbound marketing strategy, but it will be useless if we are not able to retain them.

In conclusion, remember that inbound marketing is the order of the day and using its techniques is essential to reach customers and achieve sales, and by following our tips you will have a much more effective campaign.

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