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The role of agencies specialising in video marketing

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does the world know what you do, why don't you show it to them, and have you thought about how to target them?

We believe that these are the kinds of questions that have driven digital marketing agencies to specialise in video. We believe that all brands do vital work to make the world a simpler place, from those that make furniture to those that build buildings. So if you're a business yourself, you'll probably be interested in what we're about to tell you.

will you join us?

Reaching your goals withvideo

For the specialists of the audiovisual format, the goals of others are their priority objective, and they are so because they know that with video marketing everything is possible. Attracting potential customers, increasing the visibility of brands, generating credibility and trust in users, and presenting their products and services are goals that every brand wants to achieve.

How you want to do it matters a lot to these professionals, because you only need to dream it to make it happen. If you want to make a commercial video to promote your products and services in some media, you will have it. Or maybe you are simply looking to educate your audience through attractive audiovisual content. Or maybe you just want to report on your attendance at an event. And why not a project to present your company from the inside? Or the video with which you present yourself on social networks... Only you can know.

In the world of video marketing there are endless possibilities and alternatives.

In any case, don't forget creativity

what does being creative mean to you? At Occam, creativity, together with originality, is our main ingredient. It is not a question of applying one or the other, but of finding harmony between the two. Creativity, on the other hand, applies the value of difference. It is a mental skill that only true professionals are able to put into practice. New ideas, methods and thoughts turn your videos into something creative. And originality, on the other hand, brings the value of the unpublished and the unique.

If you are thinking of creating an original and creative video, this may be a good time to ask us all your questions.

do I make my own videos or do I look for an agency?

Good question... Maybe this is a dilemma that is keeping you awake at night, but don't worry. We want to give you some tips to get rid of doubts. Specialised agencies are prepared to keep the focus on your objectives and solve your problems or needs in an efficient way. Specialised agencies can be the meeting point between quality and the best price.

Start by asking yourself these questions:

  • what can a specialised video marketingagency offer me that I can't get on my own?
  • what experience does it have in implementing video marketing strategies?
  • how can it solve my problems?
  • what techniques does it use in this type of project?
  • have you worked with other clients in my industry?

Both options have their pros and cons, but you need to assess which option is best for you based on your circumstances and needs.

If you think about making your own videos, you will be in control from start to finish and have more responsibility, but you will be investing more time and the audiovisual production can become slower. However, if you leave it in the hands of an agency, you will be saving a lot of your time with professionals with specialised knowledge.

We leave you to think about it.

pon un vídeo corporativo en tu vida

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