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Promote your company with animated GIFs

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why do some brands stay in our memory and others don't? This victory is down to a combination of actions and techniques (SEO, buyer persona, personalised content, video marketing...) that, when used together, fly.

The world of GIFs is one of those decisive elements when it comes to captivating your audience and inviting them to stay on your social media profile, on your blog, or wherever you want, because it never goes out of fashion. It offers plenty of possibilities, you can integrate it into your online marketing strategies. Do you have a blog? A website? An online shop? Use it. The changing and unpredictable future is our present. Global. Fast. Building brands with meaning, through techniques and formats that make your audience fall in love is vital. How to do it with GIFs? At Occam, we tell you everything in detail.

what is an animated GIF?

Surely you have come across them on more than one occasion, because they are everywhere. In tweets, blogs, videos, banners, WhatsApp... And now, also with you. A GIF is an animated image, a series of images shown in sequence, but don't think it is the most modern type that exists. It was the first web animation for pages, and it is so funny and attractive for users, that many brands are using it in their explanatory videos to improve comprehension, in blog posts to give them movement, in social networks to attract attention, etc.

They are lighter than a JPEG or PNG image and load faster. Conventional video is very powerful in your brand communication, but if you also include other formats such as animated GIFs, the results are multiplied.


promote your company and bring it to life with animated GIFs

There are fewer and fewer doubts when it comes to choosing between static image or video, and within the latter, the animated GIF has become a star format to boost marketing strategies for several reasons:

  • They are easily shared.
  • They convey complex ideas in a simple way.
  • They take care of the loading speed of your website.
  • They attract the public's attention quickly.
  • They are more visually appealing.

Remember that it is the perfect dynamic and visual complement to integrate into your videos (and wherever you want). With them, many brands have managed to increase the number of visits to their website, because not only will it help your users to better grasp the message and retain it in their memory, but your posts, or wherever you apply it, will obtain greater virality.

do you want to increase the attention of your target? GIF-GIF, HURRAH!

why should you use GIFs in your social networks?

You know, it's hard to get anywhere without modernising formats and being there where your potential customers are looking for you. The target will keep their attention for longer if you offer them fun content. The most haters are already talking about memes. But in corporate matters, we encourage you to try a couple of entertaining GIFs that make your users look at the publication twice. And 3. Make them, for example, on a topic related to one of your publications.

Many brands use them to promote themselves, despite being a format from the 80's. With the use of the internet, the GIF is back and ready to make noise. They have awakened in popularity and are back in the arena. Their great allies are the social networks (Twitter, Instagram and Facebook), who have brought them back to life.

  • Theyare a marketing tool. They excite brands, which already use them as another tool to improve their communication with the public and their SEO positioning.
  • They give power: brand personality and publications that are much more concise, direct and brief than text or images.
  • Promote your products or services. They work wonderfully to show the public products or services of interest that you want to highlight. Many brands use them to show things that escape the naked eye.
  • They give joy and take away the seriousness of your brand profile. Give a bit of humour to your social networks and engage with the public. We assure you that they will appreciate it.
  • They are easy to create (you can always ask for a little help). It's not complicated, nor does it take a lot of time.

They also talk about memes, but that's another story.

how can you use them in your content?

Users are already used to using social networks and consuming digital content, and even those who are not familiar with the term GIFs have seen them. Animated images are one of the internet's favourite formats to bring dynamism to every message, whatever type it may be. Include them in:

  • In your product descriptions, think of an original way to use a GIF on your products, for example: different T-shirts that change colour, which will encourage people to buy them!
  • In your blog: Add this format to all the ones you already use (text, video, images, infographics...), provide a different theme and make the message more understandable for readers. Always try to find the ideal moment to make a GIF. It is not worth generating academic content for professionals and then use a humorous GIF. Always look for the right tone to support your publications.
  • In replies to users: As we mentioned earlier, the type of GIF depends on the way you deal with them, the tone of the conversation, etc.
  • In social networks, especially if you run promotional campaigns on Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads or LinkedIn Ads, where you can consider using different content formats.
  • In newsletters, take advantage of this social channel and place GIFs that direct users to your website.

If you need to make use of this tool, you can download it from Giphy, Animated GIFs, Tumblr, etc. Or better, ask a professional for help. We know that internet trends come and go, appear and disappear, and that it is almost impossible to follow them in real time. But it is important to know all their possibilities as a companion to video, text and photography. GIFs and marketing, the perfect duo for the success of your visual strategy.

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