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what can Occam do for your technology company?

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Having a business implies the valuable ability to take risks and immerse oneself in a world of uncertainty and constant change. A world of adaptation in which it is no longer enough to have lots of ideas. Now it is also necessary to turn them into reality, starting with basic skills such as passion and determination, and continuing with the acquisition of decisive attitudes such as leadership and commitment. Technology companies are facing new market behaviours, which implies a process of study and adaptation.

do you know how to do it, do you know your needs, do you want to attract potential customers? You probably have some ideas in mind, but, perhaps, you don't know how to carry them out.

At Occam Digital Agency we help you to give them shape.

Know your users and improve your strategy

The best way to achieve these two objectives is through a phenomenon that, until a few years ago, was unknown. We are talking about Inbound Marketing, a methodology capable of providing companies with the ability to contact people who need their products or services. They are accompanied by the generation of appropriate content for each of the phases of the buying process and user profile.

The results of Inbound Marketing continue to be revolutionary for companies in the IT sector, as it continues to be one of the major trends in Digital Marketing. The market is experiencing a moment of change in its ecosystem, as consumers have transformed their ways of buying, and technology companies only have the possibility of changing their ways of selling.

If we don't adapt, we're lost. That's why Occam wants to tell you how we can help your company adapt to a world in which the user finds you, instead of going looking for you with intrusive methods. We base our methodology on our own philosophy.

are you ready to find out how we do it?

How we help a technology company

are you still thinking about going out to get customers? At Occam Digital Agency we have another way to show you. We adopt the Inbound methodology as the most direct path to your potential customers, and, from there, we start walking. We can help the technology sector to:

  • Forget traditional and intrusive methods based on spreading your brand or advertising messages to gain notoriety and make customers listen to you. It is no longer about finding a large audience, but about being found by those who really need your products or services.
  • Attraction Marketing or Inbound Marketing: We generate valuable, relevant content focused on the different stages of the Buyer Journey (discovery, consideration and decision). We target a differentiated audience and act as a magnet for your potential customers. Our basic pillars are the buyer persona and the buying cycle.
  • We design your buyer persona. This is the fictitious profile of your ideal clients, i.e. who we are targeting. It is key to the success of our Inbound Marketing strategy and consists of defining the behaviour and profile of the consumer in order to focus the content.

Nuevo llamado a la acción

  • We create content of interest to your potential customers, so that we attract them to your company and trigger loyalty to your brand. In short, they manage to come to you, reducing unnecessary expenses and commercial efforts.
  • We measure the results of the Inbound Marketingcampaign. The objective is to measure the efforts invested in order to follow the growth and performance of our work. In this way, we know everything we can do for your company and, thanks to this, we generate dynamics of constant improvement of the results.

The business of technology companies requires the implementation of specific outreach and communication actions, especially considering the increasingly digitalised environment in which companies and consumers operate. The Inbound methodology manages to increase qualified contacts, registrations, visits to the website and, in short, to be effective for the IT sector.

it's not luck, it's strategy!

Our toolbox

In order to achieve our objectives in the Inbound methodology, it is necessary to have a series of instruments, which is why we would like to tell you which ones make up our toolbox.

We use SEO and SEM to help companies reach the top positions in search engines; we generate adapted content; we use social networks as content distribution channels to increase the visibility of content; we use keywords and meta descriptions adapted to the way in which users search for your product or service; and so on, until we make our tools a boost to your growth.

In short, we use our tools at the right time and in the right way to achieve the expected results. We know that the success or failure of your company depends, to a large extent, on how you plan your marketing strategy. That's why we want to help you.

if you have any doubts, we can help you.

"If you are looking for different results, don't always do the same thing"

¡Mejora ahora con una estrategia de Inbound Marketing a tu medida!

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