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The path to potential customers for technology companies

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what should the buyer journey of companies in the IT sector be like, what is the relationship between the two, why is it important to have one, and what role does it play in the Inbound Marketing strategy?

It is possible that some of these questions have flooded your mind at some point. And if not, maybe now is the perfect time to ask them. Anyway, if you are a technology company that develops its activity in the current scenario, it is important that you know the path you must follow to attract customers, convert them into leads or sales opportunities and, finally, into potential customers loyal to your brand. In short, we will tell you what the buyer journey of the companies that star in the technology sector consists of.

The path to sales opportunities

Many companies have become aware of the need for change, but do not know where to start working. They search, shuffle and consult different alternatives, but always with the clear intention of adjusting to their circumstances. We are talking about the road, a path that we must build to reach our final destination. A distance called buyer journey that separates, while uniting, companies from their potential customers.

Buyer's Journey Viaje del compradorAs you know, paths must be built with perseverance, because a well-designed path is a guarantee of firm steps. That is why companies have many doubts when it comes to implementing an Inbound marketing strategy, but doubts that we are ready to solve today.

To begin with, the buyer journey is the active search process that leads consumers to become sales of a particular product or service. It is a path divided into different phases, and adapting the content to these is the key to its attraction. We tell you what it is about:


This is the moment when potential customers of the technology company begin to perceive a problem or need, so they decide to look for the possible causes. They want to put an end to their uncertainty, so your company must provide valuable content that fits what they are looking for. For example: imagine that your company is dedicated to developing applications for shopping from home. A post for the discovery phase could be 'Negative consequences of travelling to do the shopping'.


Your potential customers already know what the problem is, and are in a phase of considering possible solutions. This is the perfect time for you to provide them with useful and valuable content to help them choose the best solutions to their problem. Also, an example of a post for the consideration phase could be 'Why use a shopping app'.


This is the perfect moment to focus the content of our technological company on a tangible solution, on that product or service that users are looking for. A clear example of this could be our mobile application to make the purchase from home. In this last cycle of the journey, the user decides between the different options that have been detected in the previous stage.

why is it important to know the buyer journey well?

Knowing the buyer's journey will allow us to make improvements as we move forward, as we know how the users who visit our website act, and how they finally decide to buy. Knowledge of our buyer journey can help us, therefore, to obtain a higher quality in purchases and to optimise the conversion funnel.

what role does the buyer persona play in the buying cycle?

In short, a leading role. The semi-fictional representation of our ideal customers will allow us to focus our content on them and, as a result, attract them. Based on market research, the buyer persona is an essential pillar of content strategies in the IT sector. So you should ask yourself the following questions:

  • what are the circumstances that make buyers invest in my product or service?
  • how is my solution different from others?
  • what is their need?
  • what results do my buyers expect to get from investing in my product or service?
  • for what reason(s) might they dismiss our product or service as the best option?
  • what are their concerns?
  • what do they really value in the solution they are looking for?
  • what stage of the buying cycle are they in?
  • what aspects do they perceive as most critical in their decision-making?

At this point, you may be wondering how you are going to obtain the necessary information to create your buyer persona. Well, the best way to do it is by listening, asking and interviewing both potential customers and those who have already become buyers of your solution. Why have they opted for your product or service?

Nuevo llamado a la acción

To conclude

Companies in the IT sector have a close relationship with the buyer journey, as it is the process by which their potential customers will reach them. To achieve this, it is necessary to create valuable content, useful and adapted to each of the stages of the buying cycle (discovery, consideration and decision) that will help them find a solution to their needs or problems.

We are talking about Inbound Marketing and we are talking about the IT sector, two very different realities with the same backdrop: attracting potential customers.

are you ready to achieve this? Don't hesitate to take advantage of every opportunity.

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