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New trends in mobile application development

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We are at the beginning of a new year. 2019 arrives with a clear flavour of innovation and development. Never better said, because today we want to share with you some of the trends that we have been talking about for several months. Trends that respond to the development of mobile applications and that some professionals have already included in their services.

Let's see what they are about..

Success in applications

Things move at the speed of light. Even more so when it comes to things related to technology or science. Success is a goal that the whole world pursues. Whether you are a professional in any sector, success is always an appetizing breeding ground. Don't deny it. However, what means are you using to achieve it? What techniques are you employing? How do you measure your success in the world of mobile applications? Think about it..

5 trends in mobile application development

In the world of App development, creators and designers rely first on traditional techniques, and then on more up-to-date ones. Along the way, they encounter new challenges. Perhaps the trends we are going to tell you about today are also new challenges. We mention them below:

  1. Change of focus: When we talk about mobile Apps we can refer to two types of experience or focus: that of the user and that of the content. The first is called User Journey, those who "do not like to give more than 3 taps with their finger to reach their goal within an App"; the second is becoming increasingly important, and it is that quality content, well expressed and well organised, allows a much easier access that the user will surely appreciate.
  2. Visual order: Yes, we know it is all too logical, but there are mobile applications in which disorder enters the scene. Sometimes, less is more, and the UX (user experience) is very clear about this. It wants to obtain a positive perception of the product or service. However, some developers forget this point and include too much irrelevant information. Precisely for this reason, we encourage you to opt for applications in which the content and visual language are clear.
  3. Change in the screen. It seems that the arrival of some mobile phones such as the iPhone X has led to a transformation in the design and development of applications. This is the full screen, an element that allows users to improve their navigation in the service. The screen ratio is more important than you think.
  4. Greater importance of colour: that's right, we are no longer talking about colour as a way of improving aesthetics, but App experts have started to use it to separate the different functionalities of the service. Imagine that in WhatsApp you could use a different colour for sending messages, another colour for the calls and video calls panel, another for the contacts area, another for conversations, etc.
  5. The emotional aspect. You know that emotions are the basis of our actions. They drive us to act and make decisions. They are becoming increasingly important, and technology is taking this into account. Users can express their feelings through technology, either through emoticons or gifts. And let's not forget that Animojis are also entering the scene.

We'd all like to be innovative and keep up with the latest technology, don't you think?

In short

Digital transformation has arrived everywhere. It is part of the consequences of a digital era in which we are all connected. To a greater or lesser extent, companies are feeling the need to join the digital world more and more closely, and they are doing so by betting on new applications. However, despite the weight they have in our daily lives, more and more trends are coming onto the market to improve their usability.

You too can create your own differentiated product.

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