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15 video marketing tips

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"This is like sayingI know how to speak English because I make sounds with my mouth.

Let's say you have a digital marketing strategy in place. You have the design, copywriting, SEO and Social Media Manager team working hand in hand to achieve the goals set by the company: to attract more leads, increase your website from 1000 to 3000 visits per month, publish 150 blog contents in the next year and increase sales by 20%. So, personalised email campaigns, relevant blog articles, infographics on social networks and a whole host of other tasks go up in smoke. But the results are still the same.

alarm bells ring! At this point, you decide to look for a solution.

You're missing the no-go-no more. You're missing video!

what is video marketing?

Let's recap: video marketing is a digital technique based on the use of audiovisual resources in order to generate content and disseminate it in the digital ecosystem. Don't confuse it with social video, which are created exclusively for dissemination on social networks.

For example: the square video works in Instagram feed and the vertical video in stories. On YouTube, it is important to have good quality videos, preferably HD (high definition). On Facebook, it is advisable to use subtitles. Wherever you publish, always adapt your audiovisual pieces with your target audience in mind.

We have the latest video marketing figures

did you know that video marketing has a very positive impact on sales and ROI? Here are the numbers to tell you about the success of the video format over the last year. We want to make sure your first steps in video marketing are the right ones:

  • Tweets with video generate 2.5 times more replies, 2.8 times more retweets and 1.9 times more favourites(Postcron)
  • When a user watches a product video, this piece influences their purchase decision. In fact, Google says YouTube is used by more than 55% of consumers as part of their purchasing decisions.
  • "54% of consumers want to see more video content from a brand or company that interests them"(HubSpot)
  • Video increased in marketing strategies by 92% by 2020, making it the highest percentage since 2015.(Herbergement)
  • Video marketing equals profit: "88% of marketers are satisfied with the ROI of their social media marketing videos"(Animoto)

We already have evidence to support the success of video in a marketing strategy. The next step is to know the starting point.

how do I include video marketing in my Inbound strategy? The big question

"The role of video is vital in internet traffic", "the popularity of video is growing all the time", "the power of video in purchasing decisions", etcetera.

how many times have you come across this type of content? Surely, countless times. Today we have not come to proclaim repetitive formulas, what we want to do is tell you how to include video marketing in your Inbound strategy. Take note!

  • where to include it? In landing pages (it can increase conversion rates by up to 80%), in the subject line of an email (mentioning the video in the subject line increases open rates by 19%, according to HubSpot), in blogs and social networks... What kind of video?
  • the options are endless: presentation videos, corporate videos, explanatory videos, tutorials, live videos... Choose the most appropriate one to generate a personalised experience for your audience.
  • Plan, plan, plan, plan: make a script, use your cameras, set up the studio, film for editing, organise the material, edit, choose the music and record the voice-over.
  • Script: Start telling your story the way you would write a blog post. Keep it simple and create a list of key information.
  • Use your cameras- it doesn't have to be the latest generation, you may have a quality camera in your pocket, just make sure you have enough storage space and check your camera's settings manual beforehand.
  • Set up your studio- with a couple of tips, setting up your studio should be a breeze. Look for tricks and effective options to make your audiovisual pieces shine. You know, basic equipment (we recommend using a tripod), sound (get some quality sound accessories) and lighting (place 3 spotlights in strategic places to wrap the person in light and create an attractive shadow).
  • Shoot for editing, i.e. remember that the footage will be edited later. Understand each step.
  • Organise all the footage. Although it may seem like a tedious process, this step can save your project from many mistakes.
  • Edit the video- you're halfway to the end of your piece! To edit it, you can use video editing software - there are plenty of alternatives to choose from, and you can choose the one that works best for you.

And now, add your talent. The video format is not new or exclusive to Inbound Marketing, but thanks to the digital transformation, its value has increased exponentially. What has changed is the importance of audiovisual production in communication channels.

If you don't know where to start, remember that you can always consult an agency specialised in audiovisual production.

video can be very versatile for salespeople throughout the sales cycle!

15 tips for video marketing, learn from the king of formats!

still not quite convinced of what video marketing can do for your company? Here are 15 tips to make your strategy a success:

  1. Be original: Video works best when you tell something that hasn't been seen before.
  2. Look for videos that generate interaction and that users want to share!
  3. Plan and schedule. You will turn your viewers into loyal followers.
  4. Don't go over a minute. Less is more.
  5. Don't get desperate about video quality- people value authenticity.
  6. Create emotional content. Emotional content makes people fall in love and drives them to action.
  7. Adapt your videos to the algorithms of your social networks. Each one behaves differently. On Snapchat, ephemeral content prevails. On Facebook, more time prevails.
  8. Make your audience feel reflected. You will be more likely to get them to share your videos.
  9. Integrate the video with the rest of your brand. All for one and one for all!
  10. Make the user the protagonist, make them feel part of the content.
  11. Engage from the first moment, don't let the user be conspicuous by their absence.
  12. Take care of the sound, it is equally or more important than the visual quality.
  13. Think about SEO. Define a good keyword strategy to increase the number of reproductions.
  14. Use it in your landing pages. Become a conversion machine.
  15. Measure the success of your video. It's time to do the maths and measure results.

did you know these video marketing tips? Keep them handy if you want to win over your audience and create content that touches their hearts. No one wants to share yet another ad.


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