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New shopping options on TikTok, Twitter and Pinterest

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Social media continues to innovate every day to find creative and accessible ways to market products. In addition to the classic Meta platforms: Facebook and Instagram; this 2022 Twitter, TikTok and Pinterest have been trending as shopping boosters. Now we tell you more. You can't miss it!

TikTok Shopping

In August 2021 TikTok already announced the new shopping tab for TikTok For Business account holders, as well as the possibility to synchronise their product catalogues, creating a mini-store that links to the online shop, where payment is made.

As one of the leading video platforms, TikTok aims to become an eCommerce ecosystem that facilitates advertising for SMEs, making the production of their ads more agile and creative. Not only that, but the TikTok Effect Studio allows for the creation of augmented reality effects.

Nuevas opciones de shopping en TikTok, Twitter y Pinterest    

Twitter Commerce

Twitter is not lagging behind in the world of shopping either, as, for example, it recently incorporated a new shopping tab in users' profiles, and has also made improvements to professional profiles and product listings, seeking to create a medium that displays additional information about your business, as well as an image gallery.

To drive commerce through its platform, Twitter has also added a shopping module to brand profiles. This allows product purchases to be made with just one click, and it is working on integrating a feature that allows products to be viewed within tweets and purchased directly.

Pinterest Shopping

With its slogan "Inspired shoppers. Inspiring results", Pinterest invited people to upload a catalogue of products to their profile and place ads with the aim of increasing sales.

Similarly, Pinterest has included a shopping tab that functions as a product showcase, characteristic of this social network. Merchants will be able to tag their products, allowing users to add images and influence purchase intent through pins. Price, shipping options and brand reviews will also be displayed.

Nuevas opciones de shopping en TikTok, Twitter y Pinterest    

what are the main benefits of selling through social media?

  • Increased visibility and awareness of your brand. The simple fact that your business is on social networks helps to give visibility to your brand. However, if you add to the possibility of sharing publications inspired by your articles, the option of purchasing them directly from the platforms, the visibility as a business will be even greater.
  • Increased product promotion: Not only will the overall visibility of your brand increase, but social networks will become a great online showcase for your products.
  • Better communication: Another of the benefits of shopping on social networks is that through them communication is much easier. This favours sales, as potential customers' doubts can be solved in a very direct way.
  • Improve traffic and conversions. Thanks to social media shops, traffic to your website will increase. Through Shop functionalities, users who land on your website will already be motivated by the products you offer. Therefore, there is a greater likelihood that a sale will take place.
  • You will learn from your customers. One of the great benefits of selling on social networks is that the profile created on them will be aimed at your buyer persona, so you can analyse how these users interact with your shop and learn from their interests.
  • You will create a community of customers. With a good content strategy you can build a large community of followers. In turn, these can become customers. If we add to this point of the equation the availability of your business through the networks, you will be making it very easy for them to buy.
  • Better dissemination of news and important messages. Social networks allow rapid two-way communication, i.e. not only is it easier for the user, but also the company benefits because it can reach out more quickly to communicate news and important messages. If the content is emotional, it is more likely to go viral on networks like Facebook or Instagram. However, after the changes made by Facebook when choosing what content is displayed on the wall, the vast majority of content published by companies only reach a small part of their followers. On Facebook, unless a publication has a good interaction from the beginning, its reach will be limited. In fact many companies systematically promote all their publications to reach the majority of their followers .

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