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New changes in instagram reels algorithm

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Instagram has 2 billion active users, with 24 million profiles in Spain alone. It is no secret that it is the social network with the highest engagement at the moment. It is one of the social networks where marketing campaigns are most profitable. The experience of many Instagram users demonstrates the success of this platform as a launch pad for a service, product or personal brand.

In this network - in which users follow others - the key element is people. Successful companies are fully humanised, thanks to the proximity that the application offers. One of the main reasons for Instagram's popularity is the way in which it is constantly updated, adapted and remodelled to adjust to new users, trends and the formats in which information is provided and received.

The tool that drives the internal synergy of the content is the algorithm. The algorithm is the procedure that orders and prioritises all content in a personalised and individualised way for each and every user. If you want to read more about Instagram's algorithm, read our blog post: How to understand Instagram's algorithm.

Advertising strategies are constantly evolving and with each algorithm update they need to innovate in order to position themselves and maintain engagement levels. While Instagram started as a social network for sharing photos with other users, it has now moved towards the publication of videos. For the new generations, the audiovisual format has become more widespread. They prefer to consume content through videos and commented Instagram stories.

The success of Instagram stories has not slowed down the creative capacity and the development of new products. Thus, the creators of Instagram have jumped on the TikTok phenomenon, offering Reels. Achieving fame and maintaining it is not an easy task in social networks. There is a great job for the marketing team to create content that is attractive. Not only users and companies must update themselves, it is also Instagram's task to constantly reinvent itself.

Instagram reels are videos that are no longer than 15 seconds in length. Videos, besides being an attractive format and preferred by the audience, are very easy to promote.

The Instagram reels tab is located on the icon in the centre of the page. It's no coincidence, they want to promote this product. When Instagram releases a new function, they reward users who use them. Take advantage of this to get the algorithm to like you. Your positioning on Instagram depends on it. They don't hide the tips to get the algorithm to like you, the official account @creators reveals several tips on what to do and what not to do.

6 Tips to promote your Reels on Instagram

  • Post content that is entertaining and fun (delight people, grab their attention, make them laugh, have a funny surprise or do something unexpected).

  • Be inspiring, try to create a trend or participate in one.

  • Use the creative tools they offer (filters, texts, camera effects...).

  • Take advantage of the vertical format; horizontal videos are generally not easy to recreate.

  • Make videos with music from your Instagram library, or original audio that you create or find on Reels.

  • experiment! Try something new, be yourself and find out what works for you.

Reels are shared with your followers and can be discovered by the huge and diverse Instagram community on Explore. Content can be shared in a dedicated space on Explore, where you have the opportunity to be seen and discovered by the wider Instagram community. By sharing Reels with certain songs, hashtags or effects, they can appear on dedicated pages when someone clicks on that song, hashtag or effect. Instagram's algorithm matches users who follow and comply with its policies.

The Explore shows the best trends on Instagram. The most popular Reels or users' favourite accounts appear. Discover an entertaining selection of videos made by anyone on Instagram, in a vertical feed personalised for you. The algorithm takes into account accounts close to you, around your population, interests, age and popularity. The more views, likes or comments a Reel has, the more the algorithm will try to share it, so that the reach is greater.

An interesting fact is that in the first 7 seconds of the video, try to capture more of the audience's attention. The loop is a signal for the algorithm, if it detects that the video has been played more than once continuously, it will think that it is interesting content, so it will prioritise it.

4 Tips to keep in mind before publishing a Reel

  • Quality is important, Instagram detects when a video is blurry or has low resolution.

  • Make sure it is not recycled content. Competition is a reason for the algorithm to get angry. If it detects content with a watermark from another application, it will penalise you. Respect the community's coexistence policies.

  • Avoid uploading with borders around it. It doesn't look pretty, better if it occupies the size of the original resolution 9:16.

  • A picture is worth a thousand words. Don't make video content that contains only text, it's not easy to read in a video.


The most important thing is that your content is worthwhile, enjoy creating and experimenting on the app. However, show discipline because consistency is another nourishing point for the algorithm. Keeping your algorithm in check will make you an interesting creator. Instagram loves to promote new profiles. Keep up to date, the algorithm will be changing all the time, show it that you can keep up!

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