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The close relationship between text and video

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you think these are two opposites, but you've probably heard of content as the KING of attraction (content is KING). You're right, but what if we were to put a companion to it?

It would be illogical to talk about two opposing poles, especially because video often relies on text. And when we refer to text, we are not only talking about the written aspect, but also the visual. In this post we don't want to talk about one or the other, but about the union between the two. The idea that brands need a video marketing strategy is not new, although it is still a novelty for many companies. What has really changed has been its importance in platforms and channels.

A love affair between text and video is born.

A slowly forging relationship

This is how we could define the link between content and video. Predictions from experts such as HubSpot estimate that "78% of people watch video online every week and 55% watch it every day". As a result, your brand can't ignore it for much longer.

If you're still not quite clear on how this love affair between text and video is strengthening, don't worry - here's some evidence that can give you a nudge to understand the evolution of this link:

  • Data has been the main driver for companies to bet on video marketing, i.e. that 9 out of 10 internet users watch videos of the companies they follow, that 360-degree video is becoming more and more important, and that video is a powerful marketing tool is no coincidence.
  • Users have found video to be an interesting and easy way to learn about a company's products and services, and success for many companies can be just a click away.
  • In 2016, video experienced great popularity to become a stage of content marketing. It was in 2017 when it began to occupy the first positions in marketing techniques. In 2018, it has become a fundamental tool in the strategies of brands.What can we expect from this relationship in 2019?

The time has come to talk about video as the ideal companion to content. Let's get started!

why is video yourideal companion?

Brands have not hesitated to take advantage of the benefits of video, and what better way to do it than combining it with text. Sometimes, the aspect that most holds companies back from joining thevideo marketing fever is making the leap from text to video, but you know they can be complementary. Remember? This should no longer be a problem.

It should be, especially considering the many reasons why such complementarity arises, without lifting a finger:

  • Without lifting a finger. The effort of users when playing a video is minimal. Watching, listening and paying attention are its main functions.
  • Memorable: It has been proven that people are capable of retaining a greater volume of information through audiovisual material.
  • Sharing: If we are talking about susceptibility, videos are the material most likely to be shared, more than any other type of format.
  • Converting: "90% of online shoppers say that video helps them in their purchase decision and 85% are willing to buy from pages where there are videos".

Are you jumping on the bandwagon?

where is this adventure heading?

Text and video, a love story born from social and business needs. Attracting potential customers, improving the customer experience and increasing your sales are objectives that, nowadays, all companies pursue. But have you stopped to think about what your potential customers are looking for? How are you showing them your products and services? What techniques do you use to help them solve their doubts?

If you are reading this post, congratulations, you have just taken the first step in becoming aware of the importance of video in marketing strategies. We are talking about a story and we are talking about video marketing as the perfect child of this love affair.

will you join us?

pon un vídeo corporativo en tu vida

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