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Inbound Marketing is already part of digital transformation

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If the word transform already implies a change in itself, imagine what it means if we add the surname 'digital' to it.

are you one of those who see Inbound Marketing as part of digital transformation, or are you one of those who see digital transformation as a consequence of Inbound Marketing?

At Occam Digital Agency we're advocates of looking at Inbound as the most comprehensive way to digitally transform companies' marketing departments. It's a process that involves challenge, change and risk, but what would brands be without it?

Something is going on with the companies

This has been a priority statement in business since disruptive technologies started to shake up society so much that brands started to tremble. If they jumped on consumers' necks with intrusive advertising messages and billboards galore, their pulse would tremble and the strategy would fall apart.

The jolt has been so strong that consumers have stopped trusting those brands that, actively or passively, were sending them their products. These are the effects of a digital transformation that has changed consumer behaviour when it comes to buying. Now, it is the turn of companies. It is up to you to change the way you sell.

How to transform traditional marketing departments

Inbound Marketing arrived in 2005 as a result of a profound awareness on the part of specialists Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah. Brands are no longer the only sources of information to advise on a product or service, a phenomenon that has expanded thanks to the Internet and its information hosts (blogs, forums, social networks, etc.).

This methodology is the way companies have chosen to digitally transform themselves according to the needs of their potential customers. It is opportunity and innovation dancing on a stage that just needs to have fun, and it is data that moves its rhythm. Why not seize the moment? Who hasn't heard of digital transformation? Do you already know what it means for your company's marketing?

In this day and age where the only way to stay ahead of the curve is to join the digitisation, it seems that switching on the light bulb is no longer the way to get out of a situation. What do you think?

In the same vein as the Inbound methodology

Digital transformation has been presented as something of a bullet to the chest for brands. Before it came along, companies were in the offline world, but now it seems that the only way to bridge the gap with potential customers is by using the inbound methodology.

But the best thing about all this, and don't tell anyone, is how little we had imagined what we could do with the internet. Now you have the baton in your hand, because you know you can achieve everything you dream of. Get more leads? Increase organic traffic to your website? Become a leading content blog in your sector? Transform your conception of marketing?

If we had to define right now, just like that, the 10 commandments of Inbound Marketing, believe us that we would start with:

  1. You will love every marketing action above all things.
  2. You will no longer use keywords in vain without having done a study first, please.
  3. You will sanctify leads that complete a purchase even if it's been a few months, you never know when they might come back.
  4. You will honour your sales opportunities with well-deservedcare and attention.


So much for our new testament today.

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