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Inbound marketing in the IT sector

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Inbound marketing methodology focuses on the consumer journey, i.e. it accompanies them through the buying process, trying to make the journey comfortable and satisfying. Thanks to this marketing technique, you manage to attract the customers you are interested in, create your buyer personas and obtain qualified leads.

The first steps of this methodology are to attract and convert. With these you convert strangers into sales opportunities. Then you must close, or what is the same, transform your sales opportunities into customers. And finally, you have to make them fall in love or delight, in this way you will obtain satisfied customers, in love with your brand and ready to become true promoters of it.

what is the IT world?

The meaning of IT world comes from the acronym IT (Information Technology), and is a useful discipline that focuses on the fields of computers and telecommunications.

Some of the applications of IT are in databases, hardware creation, software creation, etc. Its main objective is to minimise the time spent by computer engineers on calculation tasks, design tasks or statistical tasks.

what are the benefits of applying the Inbound methodology in the IT sector?

1) Customer loyalty: Inbound marketing seeks long-term relationships and to create brand prescribers. We can achieve customer loyalty through different channels: social networks, email marketing, video marketing, podcast, etc.

2) Reach your customers at the right time. Thanks to content marketing, which is part of Inbound marketing, we can create relevant content for customers and get their attention at the right time. Also, thanks to measurement and tracking tools, we can also know their movements within our site: what email they have opened, what document they have downloaded, etc. Thanks to this, we can personalise communication much more.

3) Real-time monitoring and measurement of results. In Inbound marketing and digital marketing, there are numerous tools that allow you to analyse the actions carried out on your website at all times. In this way, you can analyse where you are weak and what works best, so you can optimise your strategies.

Inbound marketing en el sector IT

how to apply Inbound marketing in the IT sector?

In Inbound marketing the sales funnel is a central and very important element because it allows you to design actions to get leads and customers depending on the stage they are in. The funnel is divided into three phases known as TOFU, MOFU and BOFU. Below you will see what content it is advisable to develop to attract the attention of consumers and thus stimulate sales.

  • TOFU (TOP OF THE FUNNEL): During this first stage, the user detects that they have a need and begins to search for information online to find a product or service that satisfies it. This first approach is what will allow them to get to know your brand and investigate whether it can solve their problem. Therefore, during this phase it is advisable to disseminate:

-Blog articles related to the IT sector, news and market trends.

-Publications on social networks that invite your followers to interact in order to generate engagement, such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, LinkedIn...

-Videos with tutorials or explanations on how to use your product .

  • MOFU (MIDDLE OF THE FUNNEL): The second stage consists of working to convert visits and followers into leads, i.e. prospects interested in making a purchase. To get this visit to become a lead you have to provide them with specialised content in exchange for their contact details via a landing page. Some of the most attractive content to achieve this are:

-Ebooks that go deeper into the topic of interest of your target audience.

-Webinars to educate leads and tell them about the benefits of hiring your services or purchasing your products.

-Interesting or eye-catchingevents that put prospects in context and feed their curiosity.

  • BOFU (BOTTOM OF THE FUNNEL): In the third and final stage of the sales funnel the goal is to finally complete the conversion. It is a moment where the potential customer is considering buying and perhaps comparing your offer with those of your competitors. That is why it is of utmost importance to provide content that helps them make the decision to buy, such as:

-Productdemonstrations or free trials for the user to evaluate if it is what they are looking for.

-Previous success stories so that future users can check that your service and product is effective.

-Discounts to encourage purchase.

Inbound marketing en el sector IT

Take into account all the benefits and the three steps we have told you about today and implement your own Inbound Marketing strategy for the IT sector. Having a good strategy will be your roadmap and your benchmark. Also, don't forget that the IT sector is growing and constantly developing so it will always be on the agenda.

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