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Inbound Marketing: how to analyse market behaviour

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what is it about the changes that are so hard for us? Inbound Marketing has long since woken up from a nightmare in which consumers were bombarded with information from brands. Since then, selling has been considered a dream, not a utopia.

The fact is that many companies have found in this methodology a new way to attract potential customers, if not the only way, and to achieve the results they have been looking for for years. Today, we want to tell you why.

are you ready?

do you remember what the market is?

Go out there and look for it. You don't see it, do you? It turns out that the market is in the air. It's you and me. It's you and your customers. It's your customers and the companies they buy from. It's the brands they buy from and the brands they do business with. In theory, the market is a chain, a kind of "theoretical place where supply and demand for products and services meet and prices are determined". In practice, it's everything we've already told you about.

why is Inbound Marketing a new way to analyse your behaviour?

We are sure you have already heard us talk about Brian Halligan, Dharmesh Shah and the definition of Inbound Marketing coined in 2005. We start from here to tell you in 5 minutes why this methodology is a new way of analysing the behaviour of the market..

The truth is that there was a third person who had a lot to do with the spread of Inbound: David Meerman Scott. It seems that in the years leading up to the 21st century, and even after, a superficial way of thinking coexisted in the mindset of people and brands: "To sell, you have to intrude into the lives of consumers and subjugate them".

These three names realised that people do not need to be overwhelmed with information about brands, their products and services, but rather to be helped. This was the point that prompted them to create the HubSpot platform, which, since then, supports everything that has to do with the Inbound methodology.

But if there is one thing these specialists are clear about, it is that the starting point is always the customer. Without them, an effective strategy would not be possible, but this process requires prior research that allows brands to identify the profile of their potential customers. We will not go into details, we just want you to remember that Halligan and Shah realised something very important: the internet was gradually becoming a huge place fed by millions and millions of data.

So much so, that when a consumer felt a need or a problem, they no longer asked brands, but looked for information on the internet. Consumer behaviour had changed and brands had no choice but to adapt or disappear.

Almost 15 years after that discovery, Inbound Marketing continues to bring customers and companies together.

what does the Inbound methodology offer?

It offers hope at a crucial moment. This methodology has fun when companies go dancing. Each new strategy is a new world. With its inhabitants. With its cities. With its lights. With its shadows. From the historical centre of Inbound Marketing, we want to tell you what it offers to have become so significant for the market:

  • Reach. The content that companies create on their blogs reaches a wider audience, creating a kind of community around it.
  • Database: A database of contacts is created with the guarantee that they are qualified.
  • Branding: With the Inbound methodology, companies increase their interaction with users, become better known and, in short, improve their image.
  • Marketing automation. Goodbye to wasted efforts. With HubSpot it is possible to automate all the processes to obtain qualified leads or sales opportunities or potential customers.

Build your company's universe, go beyond its name, its logo and its projection to transform it into what you have always dreamed of.

Your potential customers are waiting for you.

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