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Ideas to increase your sales through email

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Increasing the sales of your business will be one of your main objectives, and although there are many ways to do it, today we will show you some ideas to do it through email marketing.

Sending emails is one more strategy within digital marketing and a very common practice in online businesses. There are many campaigns that you can carry out through email marketing, such as: welcome emails, introducing a new product, attracting customers who have left their data, etc.

If used well, this strategy can generate an increase in traffic, which translates into an increase in conversions and sales of your business. In addition, email allows you to maintain and build relationships with your customers through continuous actions.

But if you are not sure, here are some ideas to increase your sales through email.

read on to make sure you don't miss a thing!

what is email marketing?

In this post we bring you ideas to increase your sales through email, but first we will explain what email marketing is and how it will help you in your sales strategies.

Email marketing is a part of digital marketing that uses email to attract potential customers or prospects. This technique is direct but non-invasive, as the customer agrees to receive emails from your brand.

This marketing strategy allows you to adapt the content to each user and thus achieve greater return on investment. You can send messages to attract new customers, to improve the relationship with the ones you already have, to present a new product, etc.


Ideas to increase sales

Now that you know what email marketing is, here are some ideas to increase your sales through its use:

  1. Automated email marketing

Automated marketing will allow you to establish better relationships with customers by sending emails at the right time.

It is clear that you can't send emails manually to every recipient, so automating these processes will save you time and effort.

Here are some examples of when to send a message:

  • Send your customer an email when they have left a purchase halfway through or have abandoned the cart without finalising the purchase.
  • If your customer has been inactive for a long time, ask them if they still want to receive information.
  • Send them information about your products in relation to their past purchases.

These are just a few examples, once you know what your customers are like and you have done a segmentation by tastes, you can prepare an email for each occasion. These will help you to improve your sales, as you encourage them to return to your website or complete a purchase process.

  1. Optimise the subject line

The subject line is the first impression your recipient receives, so it is a very important step. Your subject line should capture the reader's attention, make it attractive and concise. Be careful with what you write, do not look for easy phrases, because you can sound like spam and end up in the trash.

In this section you have to convince them before they open the email, so after getting a good subject line, don't forget to create an equally powerful preview text, because you want your customer to come in and see your email. The preview text is the first words of the email that are visible in the inbox, so it is important that you think about it as well as the subject line.

This is necessary, it will also show you the rate of recipients who opened your emails and know if you are doing it right.

  1. Offer special discounts to your customers

It's cheaper and easier to keep a customer than to make a new one, so you need to reward those loyal customers. Do what you can to nurture relationships with them and keep them coming back to your business. It's time to create a loyalty programme .

If you offer them exclusive deals, they are more likely to buy from you again.

  1. Take advantage of special dates

Email marketing campaigns created especially for a specific date can attract more customers to your website, such as Christmas, Black Friday or the sales.

In addition, it is usually during these periods that the highest sales are made, almost a quarter of the total annual sales.

At this point, be sure to send them an email reminding them of your offers during these periods or the new products on your website. It is a simple strategy that offers good results and economic benefits.

  1. Don't forget your transactional emails

A transactional emailis an email that is sent automatically as a result of an action performed by a customer within the website. An example would be a purchase confirmation email.

This type of email is expected by customers, so you should not miss the opportunity to stand out. You should take advantage of the fact that these emails are almost always read, to take care of the design and the message, including your company's style, special offers for the next purchase, recommendations of similar products, etc.

This type of email will help you to create a better relationship and also to get your customer to return to make a purchase if their experience has been satisfactory.

In conclusion, email marketing is an excellent communication channel in which to offer quality content to your customers, maintain and improve the relationship, and increase your sales. As you have read throughout this article, taking advantage of opportunities will help you make your customer return to make a purchase. We encourage you to try these email marketing actions in your business and see for yourself its advantages.

we hope you enjoyed the reading!

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